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Are Dark Link and Shadow Link the Same Person?


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Mar 12, 2014
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Dark Link and Shadow Link are enemies that Zelda fans need further exposure too. I thought they were going to go that route in TP but I was bitterly disappointed. Because they are merely reflections of Link, they are separate entities and rely solely on what the hero is like at the time. I think a lot more can be done with them in a new game and I hope they bring him back.
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
I think whether the game or whoever refers to the being as Shadow Link or Dark Link, the being is essentially the same thing. I like to call it Dark Link because I see it as more of a dark, or evil, version of Link himself, while "shadow" makes me feel like its more of a copy and not so much an evil entity. I believe in Zelda II, the last boss is named "Shadow Link", which would make sense as the boss is not an evil entity but is more or less the final and most difficult challenge Link must pass to claim the Triforce of Courage.

In the end, I believe its left up to the player to call him whatever they wish. I call them all Dark Link just because I like the name better.

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