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Apple Announces Apple Watch!


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Nov 12, 2007
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So no thread posted on this yet, a bit late to the party but ho hum. Apple's big new thing that got teased for quite a while has finally been revealed, along with the new iPhone models, and it's a watch! Let's spam some important details, pretty pictures, more pretty pictures that are maybe more useful, then more details in a big long list!

  • Apple Watch requires iPhone
  • Works with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus
  • $349 starting point
  • Available early next year
There will be multiple designs to choose from as well. There will be more than the ones listed below when the thing finally releases early next year, so if you don't like the look of these maybe that'll change.

Now for a big load of random features shamelessly ripped from NeoGAF.

  • Two watch sizes: small (38mm height) and big (42 mm height)
  • Customisable: Multiple bands plastic and metal
  • Six different straps (easily interchangeable)
  • Sports band has range of colours, Leather loop, Modern leather buckle, Leather classic buckle, Stainless steel link bracelet , Milanese loop?
  • Has a Crown called Digital Crown. This is the main input for the Watch
  • Turning it makes the screen Zoom in/out (fluid)
  • Scrolling
  • Press Digital Crown returns the device to home screen al la iPhone home button to applications
  • Watch senses raises of wrists, which can turn on screen
  • Digital Touch button under Crown can get to Friends (can phone/message)
  • Adjustments are attuned to small movements of crown
  • Haptic feedback: has touch and force inputs i.e. can tell difference between tap and force
  • Retina display
  • Swiping on screen pans on the applications screen
  • Tapping can bring you to a neighbourhood of apps
  • Customise watch faces with dates, times, etc...
  • Rotating crown on watchface can display different info like stocks, etc
  • Can check music playing on your Apple devices and control what is playing on them
  • Can edit emojiis sent to people by by touching
  • Siri in built
  • Photo app zoom with crown, pan with screen
  • Maps application , crown zooms in/out, touch pans around
  • Force touch brings up context menus
  • With friends you can swipe and draw pictures, choose colours and send the picture drawn messages
  • The other friends heartbeat is sent to your watch and you can feel it (vice versa)
  • Inductive charging plug that uses a similar magnetic catch and aligns perfectly
  • Apple Pay works with Apple Watch
  • Waterproof

What a guy

So that's the Apple Watch. As far as I know that is it's name too, the Apple Watch. No iWatch over here, which is a shame for pun enthusiasts everywhere. Apple need to watch what they're doing. *high fives all around*

What are your guy's opinion on this, then? A genuinely great product you could see taking off and perhaps plan on purchasing yourself, or just another fad that isn't going to catch on? It's worth noting there are smartwatches out on the market right now but none have really been proclaimed as huge successes, although that's something that Apple has done well in modern times; taking an existing thing and making it work.

Personally, purely going on aesthetics, I don't think it's a very pretty device. Sure you can change the strap but that only does so much and I'm not a fan of the big block, though I will say it's a lot better looking than other smartwatches I've seen out there. Having said that I could see myself perhaps buying this, at a lower price than what's been announced, if I had an iPhone. It looks convenient and useful, especially when out jogging or just on the train. Sometimes I have my hands full and have the annoying task of getting my phone out of my bag/pocket to check one little thing and it would be nice to just be able to do so on a watch. I guess we'll see how this goes, but I can see this enjoying relative success with the Apple fans. I don't plan on buying an iPhone right now so I likely won't be able to enjoy the Watch whether it is good or not, but I'll be looking to check one out eventually. Maybe it'll sway me!
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Jul 1, 2012
I really don't like it and I think it will be a flop.

Where does this exactly fit in? The iPod, very simple and easy to use MP3 player. The iPod Nano, a very stylish, compact and efficient MP3 player. The iPhone, a vast array of features with a simplistic but stylish design. The iPad, for those who wanted something slightly more compact and easier to use than a laptop. And now this? What's so special?

People already use phones, tablets and such for recreational and handy applications that help in daily life and in the work place. There is no way you would switch to a minute screen and, because it's on your wrist, it's definitely going to be a lot more awkward to use than a tablet/phone. The features aren't revolutionary or anything real niche enough to make this stand out as something incredibly revolutionary and a must have. I think Apple's main attraction is this "must have" idea I just mentioned. They're so stylish, desirable, and you feel like you're missing out if you don't buy their product - they base their whole marketing around this. They're so great at doing this and because they're the market leaders, they set the tone and can manipulate the market. Now I ask, where does this fit into something that is a must have?

I'm going to mention design because I think, at this time, that complicated over-technological watches aren't a current fashion trend. I'm no expert in this market, but I know enough that people use watches for two simple purposes: time (possibly other simple features) and fashion purposes - the latter being a big one. Apple are mixing this with their tech and I don't see them meshing. I like watches simple and stylish and the Apple Watch seems to fall far from this spectrum. Now I'm not going to underestimate Apple--they are the trend setters after all. Maybe we just aren't seeing the bigger picture where the future will be technological watches/glasses etc. However, Apple was able to set the trend with an already extremely popular tech market while this is a completely different scenario. Is this targeting the watch market or the tech savvy market, or both? This is a big identity problem.

Sorry Apple, I don't see this being a success like your other products.


May 18, 2013
I'm gonna wait for a year or maybe for a few months to see if it gets popular or not.
Oct 13, 2013
The Apple watch is cool. But Apple Pay was the big news from the keynote. That will make Apple even more billions to add to it's 150 billion already in the bank.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Another useless piece of technology used to sway the masses. Sigh. Remember when new models and new devices brought interesting concepts to the field? Well now, Apple is just trying to splatter their load over anything they can touch. Apple Watch? What is it necessary for? Because other "smartwatches" have released? Come on. Next we'll have the iChicken, which is an android chicken that requires iPhone 6+ to use. >_>

Being less negative, I think it is a wonderful concept for the people that have the $700+ necessary to blow. $350 for the watch, $350 for the iPhone model if they purchase it outright. I wonder if it will also work with Google Glass?

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