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Apartment vs House Living


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Jan 22, 2016
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it freaking costs thousands of dollars to fix a damn house. It aint cheap.
It took five calls to maintenance about a door not latching correctly, only for them to be ignored with the maintenance guy saying, "just lift up the door and shut it."

Never mind the fact that the latch and the plate on the door frame were a full half an inch off of where they should be, and taking the maintenance guy's advice will break the door handle.

So, with maintenance ignoring our request to fix the damn door, we just fixed it ourselves.

Wouldn't have to deal with such incompetence if we owned our house. This also means we lost our security deposit.

Not everyone will have the same experience, but I've learned not to trust the maintenance man ever since I started living on my own. My calls would be ignored, and problems would persist.

Furthermore, if you learn to fix issues yourself, you can save thousands of dollars and learn valuable skills for keeping up your home. Like, I understand why some get into gardening, landscape, and other projects.

Only things I don't mess with are electricity and plumbing. A small mistake there can cost you thousands while a call to an electrician or a plumber can cost hundreds of dollars.
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Jul 12, 2011
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Even though I would have to worry about maintenance issues on my own, and a yard, and other things I'm not fond of I would much rather have a house than live in apartment as I currently do. The issue for me is that my state has a high cost of living, and until I finish electrical school it's not really an option for me to move and find a new higher paying job. The current 1 bedroom apartment I'm in, without my electrical bill added in, is costing me nearly $1400 a month. It's absolutely absurd and if I didn't have a partner living with me then I wouldn't be able to afford it and I'm making $21/hr at the moment. All the other bills from car, school, food, phone, etc. Make it extremely difficult for me to live off of what a lot of people consider a good wage.

A house that would cost me about the same per month is either a 2 hour drive from work away, across a toll bridge, or near Baltimore where it's extremely unsafe to live. Either that or it's a house in an almost unlivable condition that would need tons of work put into it in order to live in it.

The apartment I'm at now isn't bad, maintenance has actually treated us well(which I can't say about my last two apartments) and they're pretty quick to get back to us about any issues we may have, but there's practically no room, no parking if we want to have guests, and a lot less privacy. No issues directly with people yet, except that we had a friend over once who I was allowing to use my parking spot until I got home. My partner was hanging out with that friend and when they got out of her car a neighbor started yelling at her not to use the parking space because "They tow people quick out here. That's not your space get out of it they tow people quick" and the neighbor was ignoring my partner explaining it was our space and that we were ok with it. I think I just need to find a new state to live in lol.

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