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Anyone following any particular diets?


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Jan 31, 2010
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I did a 36 hour water fast and found it doable. Was definitely leaner afterwards and dropped some water weight. Do you do two 24 hr fasts a week or one long fast lasting two days?
24 hrs on tuesday and thursday. I found it very doable. If I feel hungry I drink a small bottle of water and keep myself busy. After a while I'm used to not eating. So far I'm dropping like 2 pounds a week. Maybe a bit less. Not too much. That's very good because dropping a lot of pounds in a week isn't what I'm aiming for.

2 days fasting?!? What made you start doing that? Do you find it difficult to not eat during?
I was tossing with this idea in my head for a while. I read some info about it on the media. During hot days I hardly eat anything at all and drink a lot of water. And a few weeks ago it was hot and I decided it was time to try it out. Nope it's not difficult. As long as I keep myself busy it's very doable ;)
Jul 18, 2020
I gained substantial weight during the lockdown. Now following a low carb diet. Carbs only for breakfast and lunch. Combined with daily workouts (30 min high-intensity cardio and body weight exercises).
Also, I avoid preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners, processed sugar and anything that comes in a package, though I do buy coconut milk in a carton.

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