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Sony Anyone excited for World of Final Fantasy?

Jan 1, 2012
Demo was super fun. I've had it pre-ordered since mid last month. They just revealed two new mirages today. Diablos and a Xenogear (looks to be Weltall). Super hyped.
Looks cute but it also looks far too Kingdom Hearts for me.

WoFF looks like a transition that will make future Final Fantasy games more like KH. FFXV's demo already had a lot of KH to it that bugged the hell out of me. This is another step in that direction.

It also calls up horrible memories of TFH with the monster tower/totem crap which looks bloody horrible.


Secretly a cat
Oct 8, 2016
I agree it seems very KH just minus the Disney characters. I would get it just to see what it was like but I don't own either of the consoles anymore :(

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