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Twilight Princess Anyone else Hate the Forest Temple?



I found this dungeon to be the worst in the entire series. It is so dull in color and has no atmosphere. The puzzles and enemies were also very easy and boring. Am I the only one that found it terrible?

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
The Twilight Princess one I assume...

I found it to be ok, even though I didn't like the monkey concept that much...

Ya, didn't see the prefix

I love this dungeon. It is exactly what first dungeons should be. It has perfect difficulty and length as a first dungeon. It is also one of, if not the best designed dungeon in the series. The only thing I don't really like about this dungeon is the boss, but that is easily forgiven since it is the first dungeon.


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Apr 13, 2009
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It wasn't too bad, I suppose. It could've definitely improved in places, especially in terms of atmosphere. I agree, it can be dull in places, but very well crafted in design at other parts. I recall one room designed with a stairwell made of wood, and covered in baddies. I also remember another room full of tiles and the tile monster would pop out at you. I loved the design of those.

The boss had a bit of a flaw in design (or I might just be stupid. Its most likely the latter), and was relatively unexciting, unlike many others. But it provided more of a challenge than the one in the Goron Mines.

If you don't like the challenge of the puzzles, you gotta remember, its the first dungeon in the whole game. Its not supposed to be the Water Temple. Its trying to be the Deku Tree! In a way. I find it more difficult than the Deku Tree, obviously (longer and more detailed as well). The monkeys were eh, nothing special. Kind of a nuisance at times. I felt like it was a way to just draw out the dungeont. But it worked though, and didn't drag too bad.

Overall, this is a fine dungeon. Is it Nintendo's best work? No. But it is still pretty well done, while not my favorite.

And thank God you weren't talking about OoT's Forest Temple. I would've tore you apart.
Twilight Princess's Forest Temple is among my favorite dungeons in the game. Although it fails to recreate the atmosphere of the dungeon of same name from Ocarina of Time, its building like structure pays homage to that classic. The references to Ocarina of Time don't stop there. Rescuing monkeys to progress reminded me of Link saving the Goron in OoT's Fire Temple. A lot of people bash Twilight Princess for trying to emulate Ocarina of Time but I appreciate these subtle nods.

Ook was a basic yet fun mini-boss. Diababa was also satisfying from gameplay and aesthetic perspectives. While using the boomerang to target an enemy is nothing new, Twilight Princess's version left a strong impression on me due to its massive scope and demented mutation of a commonplace enemy.


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Dec 17, 2012
I didn't find anything particularly egregious about it. The pallet problems are something that I feel is a pretty common issue throughout TP.


Jan 10, 2011
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I actually think it's arguably the best dungeon in the game. Snowpeak might beat it out in the end, but it has a great atmosphere to it -- seriously not sure where you're coming from on the "no atmosphere" thing, it legit feels like being inside a hollowed-out tree -- and has a pretty clever mechanic with the monkeys. It's very straightforward and pretty easy, yes, but it's also the first dungeon of the game, so it's not like it's a big deal.

Being from Twilight Princess, though, it's definitely not one of the best dungeons in the series. It's a great dungeon, especially for an opener, but it's nothing compared to series' masterpieces such as the Sandship, Stone Tower Temple, and Forest Temple (OoT).


I think the colors of the place really ruined it for me. As a first dungeon its not that horrible but if it was later in the game I would hate it even more. Also I love OoT forest temple


Jul 1, 2012
For a minute I thought you were referring to the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time , which is my favourite dungeon...

Even though I don't hate the Forest Temple from Twilight Princess I still see it as a rather basic dungeon, now this dungeon tries to escape from the tutorial based dungeon that the likes of Inside the Deku Tree from OoT. However the fact is that TP had a large build up, before you got to the first dungeon you probably went from anywhere to 1-4 hours maybe even more for some. So before you enter this dungeon you get a pretty good picture of the game, the controls, the feel etc. all of which feed you into the experience.

So considering the large build up to the first dungeon then, it didn't really match it with a true challenge, this is where I think the dungeon could have improved. It wasn't really the enemies that lacked true challenge but more so the puzzles. There were a lot of lighting torches, which is probably the most basic puzzle in the series and a puzzle that I think should be, either made more advanced or be left to tutorials. Then you had the Gale Boomerang puzzles which, were again, quite easy. There was also the problem with the boss/mini boss, now this was evident throughout most of the game but I think the first dungeon should really give us a run for our money, with only three hearts the first boss should really threaten Link however both bosses, in this case, didn't.

So challenge was probably my only gripe with this dungeon, the size of the dungeon and the general content was perfect for a beginning dungeon and it started off a chain of large and expansive dungeons within the game. The forest theme was also more evident in this dungeon than it was any other to date, it just had that feel like you were trapped within a deep forest surrounded by bugs and wild plants. I also rather enjoyed the layout of the dungeon, having to navigate round by saving Monkeys was a unique system and it was different than "find the key" that we see a lot of the time. One more thing is would like to mention is the brief outside sections, these "outside" areas really add to the dungeon as a whole even if they were very brief. It just gives that sense of scale and differs from the usual claustrophobic atmosphere.

Overall it was one of the weaker dungeons in Twilight Princess however, comparing it with other starters it was certainly a step in the right direction, my only true criticism would be the challenge.


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May 26, 2010
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Like others, thought you were talking about OoT's Forest Temple. Eh, I have to say that the dungeon does lack atmosphere...but how much atmosphere can you get from a tree with spiders and sh*t in it? Like Cliff says, "Ooh, sca-ree." Most dungeons don't have atmosphere to me, so I forgive TP's FT for that. In addition, I never found the dungeon to have a poor DESIGN. Each room felt like alogical progression from the previous one, due in part because of the Monkey Mechanic. So there's that. The item was nifty but could've been put to better use - that is a problem with all of TP's items really. The boss? Same as the rest of the bosses: cool music, easy af fight, doesn't last long enough.

Within TP, I give the Forest Temple a healthy 7/10. In scheme of Zelda introductory dungeons, I give it a 4/10 just below SS' Skyview Temple (5/10).


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Jan 21, 2013
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It's pretty bad, but for a first dungeon, it's one of the best. It is dull and doesn't have a lot of challenge, but it makes up for that with cool scenery, a good dungeon item, and interesting bosses.


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Oct 28, 2012
Eh. Not amazing. Not bad. For a first dungeon though it's pretty good. It ranks as one of the highest first dungeons for me along with Woodfall. The beauty of it is that neither one is a tutorial and is an actual dungeon. The thing I actually like about it is that unlike OoT, it FEELS like a Forest Temple. In fact, I remember when my brother was playing the game, I thought the Forest Temple was the shadow temple because of all the undead.

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Mar 26, 2013
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Well, it was very heavily based on the concept of helping monkeys, which I didn't much want to do, since monkeys are... on the lower end of my list of animals I like. Had it been cats.... then I guarantee the Forest temple would've been my favourite temple in the entire series. But this is not the case. The monkeys had a great impact on my opinion of the temple, but that was not it (be happy, monkeys, you're not the only problem), the puzzles were easy, the temple was too dark for a forest temple. It should be magical (say like Skyward Sword, that was a good temple), and I was always getting lost. To me, for some reason, all the rooms look eerily similar, so I kept getting lost, constantly. Maybe that's only me, but I'm really bad at navigation in general, and that temple was particularly difficult to navigate in my opinion.

There was basically only one enemy besides the boss, and that would be the Deku Baba. Unless you wanna count those bomb things that crawled around after you, in which case it would be two. Give or take a few that I've forgotten, which I probably have.

Twilight Princess is my favourite game, and this was my least favourite temple in it. However, I still dislike one temple more in the series. Dodongo's Cavern in Ocarina of Time. Ehhhh that was very time consuming in my opinion.


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Feb 9, 2013
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For me, the Forest Temple was fun and exciting. Forest dungeons are one of my top favorite types of dungeons. I just love forest dungeons, there is just something about them that always makes me want to explore them. :)

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