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Any Youtubers Out There?

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
I used to have a crappy channel that had Zelda countdowns and stuff on it, but they sucked. I have a new channel now, and it only has 2 videos on it, which are 3 minutes of Santa in the washing machine and a ridiculously stupid movie that my friend and I had to make for law class :)


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Jun 18, 2011
I primarily use my channel for featuring my fanvideos, and if I participate in a collab, I will also upload the parts I did for the collab (but I keep them in a separate playlist, so those interested can go see them without it clogging up my channel feed). I actually just uploaded a new video today, a Doctor Who video :)


As for your question, Ventus. I'm not sure what could be defined as "making it" in terms of youtube. I vid for several different fandoms, and the response I generate differs depending on which fandom the video belongs to. Subs are a good indicator, of course, but I think it needs to be measured up to hitcount, likes, not to mention comments (although g+ has completely ruined that, now), not to mention what can be expected for the kind of videos a specific youtuber make and their upload ratio.

Also, sometimes specific words in the title may drastically increase the viewcount. To give an example, I posted two videos for the same fandom only days apart. One was a quick video, but with a title (I always title my videos according to the songs I use) that coincided with a new scene from the fandom, the other video was one I put a lot more work into, but had a song title that didn't link directly to the fandom itself. The first video gained about 14k hits in 6 months, the second gained about 4k in the same time period.

I personally have 417 subs right now, and total a viewcount of around 111k, but I view myself as mostly scratching the surface. I only post a couple of videos each year, so I don't expect to "make it", nor has it ever been one of my goals. But hopefully some people see them and like them enough to give me feedback.
Nov 26, 2008

Not active on it right now, but then again I'm not active on anything right now. I plan to do a lot more videos when I come back to... everything. Nothing much else to say about it; I do videos on it like I do with the non-mailbag videos on ZD's channel, just not limited to Zelda. It's not nearly as big because it doesn't have the backing of ZD but I've been growing it gradually during bursts of activity. I intend to do gameplay videos on it at some point as well.

I didn't know people actually still used YouTube in 2013; I just click on videos people link in other places. I think YouTube is one of those places that stays at a constant level of discussion and maturity, a level that an individual usually surpasses around the age of 14.
All I can really say in response to that is I doubt you've ever used YouTube that much or at least hung around the types of videos that attract YouTube's better side. Criticism about how immature YouTube can be is one of those things that people repeat endlessly because it's popular to do so and it has some truth to it, but it's become a big running joke that's pretty far-removed from the truth and to be honest I always roll my eyes when I hear it. I've had just as many lovely, pleasant conversations on YouTube as I have dumb ones.


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Jan 30, 2011
Tangent Universe
ZDer Youtube Channels

Hey all! I'm Chase, aka TriforceP, and my channel can be found here. I'm a gaming channel. Thus far it's only Minecraft, but as of this coming Thursday, I'm putting up a Minish Cap playthrough (not even my subscribers know this... you guys are getting spoilers!) so go on and check it out if it interests you. The channel link is above, and Link is right here: :bunnylink:
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Feb 17, 2015
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I have a channel I use now just to sub to people and watch videos on but many years ago, just a couple years after youtube was created, I had a channel upon which I would put my Lego videos back when that was my favorite thing in the world. I recently checked my channel, and apparently, one video has nearly 25,000 views, and another has almost 19,000. Several others have several thousand.

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