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Any Shows on Now You Recommend?

Nov 12, 2012
Hythe, Southampton UK
- Shameless (UK)
Not to sound like a bitter Brit, but the US remake really is pants. Stick to the Office, and while you're at it, keep Mr Gervais? We don't want him back
Nov 20, 2011
The State of Love and Trust
Okay, Heeere we goo.

Doctor Who: Awesome!
Sherlock: Short but AMAZING
Merlin: Great show. Season 5 comes to US in January
Legend of Korra: New season next year, but still great show
Pawn Stars: I watch this on Netflix. Cool show

Ermmmm, That's all I got. Enjoy 'em!


Sheikah Warrior
Dec 5, 2012
Phoenix, AZ, USA
- The Vampire Diaries (remake from the books, very good)
- Revenge
- The Mob Doctor
- Once Upon A Time
- The Big Bang Theory
- Modern Family (HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you like Comedy shows)
- King of Queens
- Teen Wolf

I can't think of others at the moment...


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Dr Who - which I've only just gotten into myself (after catching a random ep at a convention once, I was turned off from giving the show a chance, however my best friend finally found a way of convincing me by choosing the right beginning to introduce me to the show (s5 when the 11th Doctor shows up - I would really recommend this as a starting point for anyone wanting to check this show out)

Castle - I'm majorly obsessed with this show and it just keeps getting better with each season.

Lost Girl - not too widely known just yet, but absolutely a fantastic show.

Bones - It has its ups and downs, but for the most part it's one amazing show.

Those are the current ones I can think of right now :)


Angel of Darkness
Staff member
ZD Legend
Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Doctor Who all the way. I have become a diehard Wovian and can't wait for this season's Christmas special coming up on Christmas day!!
This show has everything. This is my number one show I just can't live without anymore.

Merlin is a great show too. I have become addicted to it when I watched it for the first time. I like the interaction between Arthur and Merlin and Merlin and Gaius.

Supernatural is a show I recently discovered. I have not watched much but I liked what I saw

X-files will always be THE cult show ever. This is definitely worth a try. So if you got time get yourself into X-files
Jan 2, 2012
Castle on ABC Monday night's. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are such great actors and are perfect for their respective roles. Oh, and the writing is nothing short of incredible.

Omega Fury

I ain't mad bro!
Sep 20, 2011
Buckeye State
Rob and Big (Not on anymore)
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
Hip Hop Squares

I don't know. I mostly enjoy MTV alot.


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
The Legend of Korra:
If you were originally a fan of the Avatar the Last Airbender series, you'll fall in love with this show in a heartbeat. You'll instantly adore every single character, even the antagonists. Although some could argue season one was rushed, it was still highly enjoyable. I, myself, am looking very forward to season 2 of this series. If you haven't watched it already, I recommend doing so now.

Law and Order:
Again, if you love cop shows and drama, Law and Order is the show for you. Every day, and when I say every day I mean it, when I come home from school I sit down and watch this show. It's captivating, breath taking, and heart racing. Sure, you can watch SVU and Criminal Intent, but nothing gets more classic than the original Law and Order. You're missing out if you haven't watched this show.

I love this show so much it has finally turned me into a fangirl. The relationship between Castle and Beckett is something to praise. If you like cop shows, drama ,and romance, I HIGHLY recommend this show. It's definitely one of my favorites, if not my top favorite show.
-The Graham Norton show is very funny
-Doctor Who is awesome
-Mythbusters is always good (though they have been doing a lot of "Top 20" type episodes lately)
-Dexter is a good show (not for children)
-ANYTHING that is on Toonami (probably also not for children)
-Call me childish if you want, but I watch Spongebob all the time
-Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are both good (though they aren't on as much as would like)

And that's all I could think of at the moment:)


default setting: sarcastic prick
Dec 17, 2012
Shows I watch by myself
Mad Men
Dr. Who
Pardon the Interruption
Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable

Shows I watch with my wife (that I like)
The IT Crowd (UK via Netflix)
Downton Abbey

Shows I watch with my wife (for greater marital harmony)
How I met your mother
Big Bang
Happy Endings
The Mindy Project


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
It depends on what kind of age group the show is intended for. Personally, my favorite show current out there is Game of Thrones. It is highly mature and has a very fine line between it and pornography, but it still has great story-lines and scripts. Very quotable.

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