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Any Shows on Now You Recommend?

Feb 5, 2011
You know what I grow tired of? Overly nostalgic people who cry "Everything was better in my time!" when it comes to television. Was our decade, namely the 80's or 90's for most of us, really better?

Eh, depends, but really, the thing is all decades of television have good and bad. Case in point, the 80's.
Good: Transformers G1, ThunderCats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Bad: The Zelda cartoon, Captain N, Beverly Hills Teens

The 90's.
Good: Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, Gargoyles, Animaniacs, The Tick
Bad: Street Sharks, Extreme Dinosaurs
(Wow, all those I put in the bad are from DiC)

Anyway, the point is that they tend to judge harshly or see only the bad shows or weaker shows people put out these days. The point of this list is for people to put in recommendations for shows you think people should be watching. The only rule is they have to still be on television right now.

Here's my quick recommendation list:
Doctor Who
Power Rangers Samurai (or Super Samurai)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
Sym-Bionic Titan (Both this and ThunderCats are on Toonami, watching them will convince the network to give them a second season)
Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Young Justice
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Transformers Prime

Feel free to post your own.


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
Can't say I am a big fan of cartoons anymore (unless they are the Japanese variety then my list could exponentially get out of hand) but here's my list of non-animated TV shows I enjoy watching:

  • The Good Wife - Consistently good scripts and acting week to week
  • Dexter - I just happen to like Michael C Hall
  • Glee please don't shoot me - I love musicals be it theatre or film so Glee appeals to that side of me
  • American Horror Story - Horror is my other big love and AHS does it really well (although the fisrt episode was an abomination and in no
    way reflects the rest of the series)
  • Bones - Mystery with a difference
  • The New Normal - Love the concept but unfortunately it seems to have been pulled from TV where I live. No reason has been provided but I can think of a few...
  • Bizarre Foods - Cooking is my final love but this show takes food to a whole new level for me and I enjoy learning about different cultures and the foods they enjoy eating.
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Sep 19, 2011
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I'm not so sure if that's true, as a kid when I flicked on cartoon network I enjoyed 90% of the shows, and that's no understatement. I find as I got older some of the newer shows just didn't cut it. It also wasn't because I was older since I can still watch those older shows and enjoy them. :P I do however agree that it can be quite frustrating and degrading to hear people constantly talk of the past and over-exaggerated how the present is. I will agree a bit too much rose-tinted glasses going on there.

I don't watch much tv but I'll list my shows. (also I don't like telling people what to watch, or what they should be watching, we all have different tastes)
  • Doctor who
  • Walking dead

There's my list, like I said don't watch much TV nowadays :I

Sir Quaffler

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I don't watch much tv these days, don't have a television at my apartment and I've got school to worry about. If a tv show is on then yeah I'd watch it, but it's not like I'm keeping up on the current episodes or anything.

However, the four shows on nowadays that I try to keep up with are Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Legend of Korra, and Adventure Time. Supernatural, because... well I don't have a specific reason why, I just like the show, and the interactions between Sam and Dean. The Walking Dead, because it has zombies in it and zombies are awesome. Korra because it's expanding even more on the Avatar series, and I loved that show as a kid. And Adventure Time because I find the world the series is set up in extremely fascinating, and I really like the character interactions. Plus even though it's labeled as a kids show, it's kinda not; it almost seems like it's aimed at young adults who watched the animated shows back in the 90s and is harking back to those days... so, me, basically.
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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
I honestly don't watch TV anymore. I haven't for years. The only time I ever watch is when the rest of my family has something on – and besides, I'm usually doing something else while watching.

The only two shows that I consistently follow are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Legend of Korra. And even then, I usually find those episodes online, not on television...


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
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When it comes to children's programming damn straight television shows were better in the 90s.
- Mighty Max
- Batman
- Gargoyles
- Pinky & the Brain (just about anything on the now defunct KidsW:cool:

and you bet I get nostalgic over those old shows.

But there are some fantastic primetime dramas on now. Take my advice. Ditch Cable. It's all crap and there is some fantastic stuff on basic tellevison from the major networks.

Person of Interest is my #1 favorite show on now. Compelling characters, original concept, fantastic acting and writing, well written exposition and outstanding action.

The Mentalist is also a favorite. Police procedural drama. Great acting, clever writing, and solid humor as well.

Castle is also a must for fans of Nation Fillion. Outstanding character portrayal, exceptional humor, clever writing, engaging character drama, and very quirky.

For fantasy fans there's Grimm. Highly original concept, outstanding action, great acting, and well written exposition.

I am largely not interested in sitcoms but the only one that doesn't suck now is Big Bang Theory. It's got exceptionally clever writing, quirky doesn't even begin to define the characters, and it's loaded with humorous pop-cultural references.

Just set your digital tuners to the major television network channels in your area and make sure you're at home for primetime (or set your Tivo)


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Dec 17, 2011
- The Walking Dead
- Big Bang Theory

The former starts out pretty rough, but it's a great series if you're a zombie addict like me. It tries really hard to be like Breaking Bad and end in cliffhangers, but they aren't done nearly as well. Still, a very fun show. The latter is just hilarious.


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Sep 16, 2011
The Big Bang Theory - Some of the humor is a bit crude, but other than that, it's a very funny show. It's also pretty accurate... To be honest, one of the reasons I like it is because Sheldon reminds of my brother so freaking much. They're almost twins... Only my brother can drive.

Bones - I love murder mysteries, and I'm a girl, so... Romance is good too. :rolleyes: Bones has both of these. Plus, it's pretty funny. It's a little graphic though, because of, you know, dead bodies...
Oct 26, 2012
Breaking Bad (Drama)
Parks and Recreation (Comedy)
The Walking Dead (Drama/Horror)
Saturday Night Live (Sketch-Comedy, obvi)

They're my four must-sees. I've read a few articles about the new golden age of television and if that's so, it lies in these shows. Breaking Bad is one of the best television shows ever made. The Walking Dead also airs on AMC and is beautiful. These two are more like cinema than small-screen. Parks and Recreation never disappoints and keeps me laughing the entire time. It's ingeniously executed and there is a rare and powerful dynamic amongst the characters. SNL is hit-or-miss, usually, but they have a very strong cast this season. :)


Apr 22, 2011
Dexter (Drama)
Homeland (Thriller/Drama)
The Big Bang Theory (Situational comedy)
Two and a half men (Situational comedy)
Modern Family (Situational comedy)

Love them all <3

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