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Any plans for after Covid?


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Aug 31, 2019
Since a majority of things have been closed & inaccessible, options for hobbies/activities have been limited across the board.

Is there something you plan to do once things become safe once again?

Has the closing down of everything spurned any new desires to do something?
Hopefully when Covid dies down I can find a new job. Though I'm not going to hold my breath for that, we'll be suffering for years and it was difficult to find a job when things were normal.

I was saving to travel until things went to hell, I doubt saving up to do so again will help since everything will be backwards.

I need to pay back the friends I've loaned money from just to survive.

I wanted to write a novel this year, maybe I could get back to that when things are back to normal.

Maybe I'll take my friend up on the offer of moving in with him up in Scotland so my guys don't have to worry about me all the time.
Apr 22, 2020
I want to organize bbq party in the backyard with friends and family members. I miss good old days so much. In Sherman Oaks I found cool catering service here for my party with the freshest and tastiest food. It's gonna be unforgettable event.
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Jan 19, 2018
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I'd like to go out to eat sushi with my family


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Jul 6, 2011
Yeah I wanna get back to the gym. I have found resistance bands dumbell and pullup bar have been useful to maintain but I'm gonna need some heavy weight action to really get growing again.

Also want to go on more food dates. Its only been home cooked meals and takeaways since lockdown but you just can't beat the atmosphere of a restaurant sometimes.

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Dec 2, 2012
My family was going to come visit when my graduation ceremony was still on, but when it was canceled and the travel restrictions were put in place we had to cancel those plans. I'm trying to work out a way for my family to still come visit after this is over so we can have our own celebration once the city's attractions start opening up again.

Aside from that, I'm planning another Christmas trip to spend time with my significant other's family so hopefully I can travel without needing to isolate after by then. I also hope in-person classes come back sooner than later because I do not want a whole semester of online learning.


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Sep 9, 2019
I can't say I really have much in the way of post-pandemic plans, since it doesn't really feel like too much will change in a post-pandemic world for me, lol. I guess the one thing that springs to mind that I'm unable to do right now would be to go to an NHL game once they're back to allowing fans in the areans and I feel safe to do so.


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
My final semester of University will finish in November. So I need to find a graduate job (which is hard at the moment given the circumstances). I also want to move out once I am feeling stable in that job.

Mostly though I just want to be able to travel again. As always I want to be back in Japan to see my friends there and do some sightseeing. I also want to visit the USA next year if that will be possible as there are some people who live there I'd like to meet and catch up with.

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