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Any Ideas of the Next Few Places in the Game?



Hey guys! I'm new here! Anyways I was wondering (since I'm such a map fanatic...) what you think the areas will be in the game and how they'll relate to the story? Well LATAH!


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Jun 18, 2010
Sydney, Australia
Well, other than the established: Sky, Forest, Volcano, Lake, Desert?

We've seen patches of snow in trailers. Specifically where Link is fighting one of those giant spear bokoblins.

I dunno, can you think of any more geographical landscapes?

Valleys/canyons, mountain ranges, open grassy plains (<<<----- I'd like to see at least one of these), coastal (beach, ocean), underground/caves, wetlands/marshes, cities, ruins, graveyards or haunted locales, agricultural/farms, islands.

I've run out of ideas.
Feb 25, 2011
from what we sew in the Lyre trailer, the ending where link fly's to the sun, i has this idea, that the sun is actually a Dungeon! in the ONM review they said that there will be some unexpected dungeon locations and bizarre magical places, so why not, think abut how awesome it will be! how's with me?
Sep 18, 2011
heheh that would be nice. Let's hope they are better than TP 'unexpected' places.

Please, Nintendo, let there be another Stone Tower Temple, in which the dimensions are flipped. That was so cool.
Sep 23, 2011
Well we've seen an ocean type place with pirate ships, a desert, a desert dungeon, and a tech dungeon that haven't been formally revealed.

We may see a snow region in the western half of the Eldin province, but we've seen nothing to suggest this. Some people think there was a snow region in the GDC trailer, but it was actually a forest area. The western half could also just be more mountain that serves as home to the gorons.

It seems we're going to get the desert and the ocean in the Lanayru province. However, I've been beginning to suspect that maybe the rest of Eldin province is actually a desert. It would make sense since we've seen one of the tech tribe there and the desert would make more sense associated with Din than Nayru.
Oct 17, 2011
ok here my prediction

eldin: death montain and the ice-shadow temple

lanyaru: coast of distaster and the fleat of the damned

sky: ghirahim sky fortress (final temple)


Jul 13, 2008
I'm seriously just hoping we have a LARGE snow area. Not a small one.

I think the unrevealed land mass of Eldin is going to be a snow area with a dungeon or the sand area with the tech race and another dungeon. As for my opinion on the huge unrevealed land mass, I really think that if the snow area and desert area aren't part of Eldin, they will be part of there. I'm hoping there is another lake too, with a more formal water temple ( Ancient Cistern doesn't really feel like a classic water temple to me ). We honestly don't need to worry about amount of areas because we still have the whole sky to work with. I honestly think there may be a few themed islands in the sky like a snow one, or a graveyard themed island? Just guessing...... I really want Nintendo to upgrade the land masses so we can see -_-
Oct 17, 2011
in some trailer we see a huge flooded area next to the desert filled with ship, i think we will have another 1/2 water temple there (the one i called fleet of the damned for the lol)

i think that dungeon will be the ship themself and that the boss will be the huge octopus
Jul 16, 2011
I think that we're going to get 6 regular dungeons, but a lot of interlude/mini-dungeons action as well plus the final areas (like in TP that had Twilight Realm AND Hyule castle as final areas).

6 dungeons is good estimative considering the Heart Container count, and 35hrs long main quest as well. Plus, Aonuma clearly said that this game has a smaller area but it reuses each of them well. And makes sense to have 2 dungeons in each province. But since they are saying this game is unpredictable and all. Personally to me, this game would really surpass my current expectations (which are sky high) if it does something like this: take me to a complete new and different area (like a snow themed smaller province) right when i thought i've seen it all.


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Feb 20, 2011
I'd like to have at least 5 dungeons, each like the 5 Sage Dungeons in OoT.
Maybe a neutral dungeon with sort of an icy theme (Snowpeak Ruins).
Could there be a dungeon in the Silent Realm?

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