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Any game genres you really don't like?

Alita the Pun

Oct 6, 2016
Nintendo Memeverse
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I don't like sandbox or farming type games. I am not a huge fan of platforms although there are some exceptions like metroidvanias. I don't like horror games. I have no interest in sports or racing games.

Sandbox/farm builder games like Minecraft, animal crossing, or stardew valley have never appealed to me and are definitely my least favorite type of game (although I will sometimes do Minecraft LAN's with friends every once in a while). I'm a very picky gamer and I need a definite, clear storyline or quest to follow until I finish the game. I don't mind if a game railroads you into an encounter, I just want to experience the best that the game has to offer and not wander around some vast expanse aimlessly building a farm for no reason with social encounters being the only plot points. In summary, I get bored easily.

Platformers are not super exciting for me. as I said, Castlevania type games are pretty fun but as a rule I stay away from them. they are often long and complicated stages that require as much luck as they do skill. one great platformer that I do love is the Legend of Starfy (I think that was the title) I really enjoyed that one when I was younger.

Horror as a genre has never appealed to me and the horror gaming genre is no exception. the only exception would be Half-Life because that is a really good game.

Sports and racing games (bar Mario Kart and F-zero) are boring and dumb to me. literally just get up and drive your car or get up and play soccer. idk I just don't get why they are so popular.

My favorite genres are definitely adventure and shooter games. obviously Zelda is a great adventure game and my favorite shooter is definitely Overwatch.
I am not a fan of traditional fighting games. To put it frankly, I suck at them. I don't have the patience to learn complex combos.

With a few exceptions, I am also not a fan of RPGs. Sure, a lot of the best in the genre have great stories, but I find the gameplay so slow and boring. I am not a fan of grinding in games. Pokémon is the only franchise in which I can tolerate grinding.
Oct 30, 2018
First person shooters, MMO's, and generally anything that's an Open World game, I'm just not a really big fan of them.
Oct 14, 2013
Genres I really don't like and why.

Racing games - Just not my thing on the whole. Just not my thing. I don't even drive in real life. I do like Mario Kart 8 though. That and the SNES original are the only 2 Mario Krts I like.

Fighting games - I've tried many of them. They mostly fall under two categories. Frame perfect reaction based, think Punchout. Button combination based, think Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur etc etc. I'm just not good enough to master those games. Smash Bros is neither of these things at it's core and that's why I like it a lot.

First Person Shooter - I like a few of them, but the majority I don't like. I like the mission based one (think Goldeneye and Perfect Dark) as well as Quake 2, Classic Doom 1/2. But battle royals and the COD/Medal of Honor etc etc I really don't like. Even the FPS game I do like, I don't love them. Just not my favourite genre.
Honestly it's not the shooting I don't like. It's everything else in the game, or better put as lack of everything else. Either you have shooting and nothing else (ie Classic DOOM 1/2) or you make it heavily story driven with proper missions, liek Goldeneye). Not a bland, boring cover shooter with a limited colour palate and no real point to play the game. Also both DOOM and Goldeneye had different difficulty levels to cater for everyone which I like. I don't like new DOOM as there's far too much story there (Bethesda didn't listen to John Ramero's point on story in FPS games). Also the music in new DOOM is honestly the wrong genre.

Horror - The whole concept does not interest me that much. There are quite a few good games there, just not my thing on a fundamental level.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
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May 5, 2012
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I never played a MOBA or any of those types of RTS games but it doesn't look all too appealing to me, but then again I never played it, so for all I know I could try it out and it could be the best thing ever, who knows

for genres I have played, I'd say fighting games, I like Tekken and MvC and whatnot, but I'd sooner play other genres before fighting games
oh also racing simulators, arcade racers are just fine by me, but I'm eh on simulators

Hylian Viking

A modern day Hyrule warrior mean mean stride.
Jun 23, 2020
North Carolina
I am not really big into Horror games (Particularly if the "Horror" is comprised of Jumpscares.) Mostly because the fanbases that follow these games saturate every corner of the internet with an avalanche of mediocrity

Battle Royale Games: I don't want to be yelled at by 12 year olds who may or may not be horrible people in real life and not just in chat, also I'm pretty sure those games are rigged. Lastly If I wanted to be disturbed and or kill some brain cells, I would of joined 4chan.

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