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Any game genres you really don't like?

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Surely there are many individual games that you don't like or just can't get into. There are probably a lot of games that fall under this category. But are there any general genres that you don't like? Note that liking one or two games in a genre doesn't mean you can't dislike that genre in general. For example, you can be an avid Halo player but still not be a fan of most FPS games.

So are there any gaming genres you are not a particularly large fan of?


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Rythm and Racing games are things i hate though i keep trying with Necrodancer (we all know why) and FPS games i dislike mostly due to the fact those i play with think it's fun to steal kills and not help a teammate they gotten killed because of their need for kills.
I don't like the strategy genre and I don't like first person shooters.

I suck at both but i dislike strategy because the gameplay isnt kinetic enough for me and I don't like first person shooters because they feel claustrophobic to me (i also don't like watching long and hard phallic objects exploding into people).
Oct 14, 2013
On the whole I don't like fighting games or first person shooting games. But there are a few exceptions of cause.
I do like Smash Bros and Doom though.


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
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Even though the vast majority of video games are shooters I don't really appreciate shooters all that much. There are of course numerous exceptions but shooting mechanics really have to be done right for me to appreciate the shooting aspects of a shooter.

Even though stealth is an all too popular mechanic in video games I generally dislike games with elements of stealth as well. The reason why is because a game really has to be designed well for stealth because out of all gameplay mechanics stealth is one that has to be designed and implemented extra carefully to get right. So many games are just lazy and sloppy with how they manage stealth mechanics. If I have to skulk around in grass whistling at enemies to lure them towards my accumulating pile of bodies one more time I'm going to have a fit.

Of course there are stealth games the likes of Thief and Deus Ex and Vampire: Bloodlines that do stealth right because they actually bother to take care with it.

Even though a large portion of video games are platformers I generally dislike platforming. Platforming is intense but even when done well I generally just find it boring. A really kinetic platformer that focuses on fast forward momentum like a racing game would be fun but I've never played such a thing. But most platformers are relatively slow and just bouncy and of course what sadly passes for platforming in games these days is that linear parkour bollox that Uncharted and AssCreed popularized way back in the day.

Specific genres I just won't touch:

MOBAs. Can't stand them. I guess I can see the appeal but they're just not for me.

Battle Royale or pretty much any competitive match based PvP. I don't do competitive games. Just not my thing. Most PvP is cheap and horrendously unbalanced and of course these days it's all fixed around play to win guttershite.

Literally every MMO except Guild Wars 2. MMOs are just boredom incarnate, poorly designed, tortuously repetitive, insufferably grindy, hyper-monitized cancer of the brain with the most atrocious tacked on PvP conceivable.


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Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
I don't like turn based RPGs. I find them really tedious to do and prefer real time combat whilst having full control of the player characters movements and attacks.

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Like Deus, I also dislike Turn Based RPGs. This stems from the first Turn Based RPG I ever played, The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. I'd never played a game like it before, and for some reason I assumed it was going to have an open world. It turned out to be super linear. Seperation between combat phases were not spaced apart properly, ruining any potential feeling of exploration.

I know LoTR: The Third Age isn't reflective of all Turn Based RPGs. The thing is I can already kind of determine that I wouldn't like any Turn Based RPGs because I don't like the concept of only having a handful of attack options available, and no freedom to manuever your character as you please, and that you do have to just let enemies get away with attacking you. So the very core of the genre doesn't appeal to me.


Mar 8, 2019
I hate games that use timers a lot, I hate feeling pressure, and when games that use timers as a one off, they're usually pretty generous with your time limit.
I'm not a big fan of shooting games, racing or sports either.
Rhythm games tend to be a miss for me, but I like a couple, like Voez.


Freezing chill
Jan 8, 2015
Fighting, racing and sport games are usually no-go with me. I'm not good at remembering combos or specific button inputs and cars/sports generally do not interest me. Shooters are also not for me, although I have never played one.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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I’m not a fan of platformers. This just stems from the fact that I suck at them. I want to like them but I die a lot because I suck at landing on platforms and timing my jumps and it just frustrates me. Other than that genres never really turn me off whenever I consider playing a game. If it looks like a good game then I’ll play it I don’t really care what genre the game falls under.


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
I can't think of a genre that appeals to me less. It's like the developers of these games begin by saying "Right, what does Cfrock not like?" and build games around it. I don't consider JRPGs to be RPGs at all because there's no element of creating your own character and 'living' as them. JRPGs give you a set character, with a set name and set personality, who embarks on a set adventure with set outcomes. The most you can do to 'role-play' as them is change their clothes and what type of attacks they do. RPGs, to me, are all about player freedom to be whoever you choose to be, act however you choose to act, embark on the adventures you choose to embark upon, and have the outcomes of those adventures depend on your choices and actions. JRPGs don't offer that. They're just third-person action games, or turn-based action games, that have the wrong name associated with them.

I don't dislike third-person action or turn-based games, though. JRPGs are still bad in my eyes because they heavily indulge in Japanese media tropes, many of which I either simply dislike, others which I actively abhor. To simplify it to the point of losing all sense of meaning, JRPGs are too anime for me to enjoy. With only some exceptions, I really, really, really, dislike Japanese storytelling. I think Japan, as a culture, is pretty bad at telling stories. I think they are too heavy handed with theme, I think they rely on cliché and stereotypes too much, I think their visual media particularly leans on over-stylisation as a crutch far too much, and even goes so far as to standardise the crutches. Think of how nosebleeds indicate sexual attraction in every single anime. It's lazy and makes everything feel the same. I feel Japanese writers, designers, filmmakers, and animators copy and imitate what they like far too much with few creators innovating or sincerely attempting to be original, and the result is a mountain of media that all suffer from the same ground-level problems. It literally ruins games for me. NieR: Automata is excellent in terms of gameplay (well, not 9S), but the sheer weight of the anime-ness was too much for me to bear, made all the worse for how seriously the game takes itself. JRPGs drown in these issues.

JRPGs are role-playing games that don't let you role-play, and they expect you to endure fundamentally bad writing and storytelling, two things RPGs are typically renown for, to boot. I unironically enjoy playing FIFA games more.
Aug 30, 2018
-Turn based rpg. I tried Octopath Traveler and loved it at first. But then got bored to its combat system and quit
-Sport games. I like sporting in real world but in games... nah. There are no games of my sports. Fifa and NHL games are quality games I suppose but I’m not interested in them at all
-rhytm and singing games. I suck at them. Hopefully Cadence of Hyrule will be exception

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