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Any Fans of Fairy Tail?


Nov 9, 2010
Recently i discovered the anime Fairy Tail. Within the first few episodes i was already really in to it. Out of all the anime I've seen, it is easily my favorite. The characters are great, the story is awesome, everything about this show is pure WIN. So I was wondering, are any other members of the Forum fans of Fairy Tail?
If you are into anime and have not yet watched this show i highly recommend it!

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Am I a fan of Fairy Tail? AM I A FAN OF FAIRY TAIL? YOU'RE DARN RIGHT I'M A FAN OF FAIRY TAIL!! I love it! It's my favorite anime! I've read every chapter of the manga, and I've watched every episode of the anime. I can't get enough of it!


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Jul 11, 2012
I love Fairy Tail it was highly recommended to me by a couple of people so i decided to watch it it's awesome I just finished watching episode 49 and Happy is awesome enough said. XD

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