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Any Advice for Combat in Skyward Sword? (wii Numpty)

Mar 15, 2012
devizes uk
right i have had ss for the last couple of weeks (currently have to collect 15 spirit orbs !? at lanayru desert for the flame quest part 2).my problem is though,i am completely hopeless with the motion control fighting (especially bosses).i just end up flailing my arms like a bad swimmer :S i especially have a problem with the thrust move for my sword.it just doesn't seem to come naturally to me at all.i have to really thrust the controller for it to do the move it feels like (my wii/controller is 2nd hand). as i am bought up with a joystick/joypad generation (quickshot 2 for the win ;),am really struggling to get used to motion control.in my defence i am old and set in my ways (also hadn't played on a wii until a month ago when i bought said 2nd hand one).
Jan 2, 2012
What helped me get used to the controls super fast was just pretending like I had a real sword in my hand. Eventually it just will come naturally. Try to get out of the habit of waggling. It will get you nowhere. ;)


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Oct 16, 2011
Try to be offensive heavy cause the breakable shields can be a pain at times --__--. But for the most part it's fairly simple controls. Just keep your motions smooth, as to not throw off the WII motion plus.


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Sep 28, 2011
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1. Calibrate your motion plus by pressing 1, then selecting the wii remote icon on the bottom left-hand corner.
2. Follow the on screen instructions.
3. Open your map.
4. Get the wii remote in the position where you want to be the center, then press down on the plus pad.
5. Exit your map.

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Nov 24, 2011
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My advice? Be slow and fluid with your movements. If you're quick and erratic, it's not gonna read it right.
every enemy has extreme weaknesses. its much easy in general to just quit thinking about it and play but all enemies have extreme inefficiencies. any colored lizard can be killed in 3 quick movements, swing at open side, spin attack his open part of defense and finishing blow him. even demise can be knocked down. most enemies just require simple timing. dont use the thrust unless needed, ive beat the game 3 times on normal and 2 on hero, and it doesnt have much purpose. even the lazer towers can just take a quick arrow instead of knocking it down 2 times and then thrust. if theres any enemy thats the main problem, ask and someone will tell you a major flaw.

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