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Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

Is Navi really that annoying?

  • Yes, she's my least favorite character of any video game

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  • Yeah, I really wish she weren't in OoT

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  • Sort of, I liked some of her stuff, but she did get annoying at times

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  • Not really, alot of her stuff was really helpful to me

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  • No, she's one of my favorite charecters in Oot/Zelda in general

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Sep 28, 2010
wooooooo pig souieee
Yeah, I think a lot of people complain for the sake of complaining. She wasn't really very annoying at all and is one of the most irreplacable assets in the series. She is almost like an in-game players guide for whenever you needed help, and noone could call it cheating. No matter how easily annoyed you get, navi's uses far outway anything thats wrong with her. I kinda wanted to take a few swings at tatl in the beginning of MM though for how she acted and I thought Midna was up to something bad for a long time during TP. I didnt feel too sure about trying to put back together the most powerful dark magic device in the game, which at one time was being used to take over hyrule.


I didn't have a problem with Navi. Of course there was one part where my ears were bleeding in the Great Deku Tree when I jumped down and she got stuck on "LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN..."

Personally, I preferred Tatl. She had much more personality than being the faithful servant Navi seemed to be.
Jun 24, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
I know there have been lots of threads on this, but none of them had polls. I really only started this to get an accurate idea of what fans thought of her through the poll, instead of reading how many good/bad posts were made about her. Thanks for combining them though, if that helps alleviate the "situation." Sorry about that.
Also, just out of curiosity, which section was this under to begin with? I believe I had it under Classic Zelda. Just wondering, thanks DN.


I think my only complaint is that there's no character detail. A glowy little ball is hrm. ok.

A hot little fairy-girl? Much more relevant to my interests. Besides, everyone knows fairies are hot anyway, whether male or female.

I mean, if she's going to have the camera zoom in on her every 10 minutes of play, might as well be something to look at. (before you badger me about 'hey this is a kids game!' i'd like to remind you of the sexual undertones in Oot and even MM. =P)

I didn't find navi nearly as frustrating as kaepora gaebora though.


Navi is a menace that must be exterminated at all costs. I can't stand that Hey! Listen!
Feb 1, 2011
I found her helpful when I first started.

But now she isn't helpful, but I just like hearing her say "Hey, Listen"

It is just a great memory of OoT.


hero of...uh... somthing.
Mar 13, 2011
all that annoyed me was when she told me "to open a door, press the A button!"

well, duh!


I've been playing this game for a long time now(On and off of course) I personally have found Navi to be an annoying pest at times, especially when I want to do the Spirit Temple before the Shadow Temple. All I get is "HEY" "LISTEN" "Have you played the NOCTURNE OF SHADOW that Shiek taught you yet?" throughout the whole bloody Temple. At that point I want to just peg her with an arrow and leave her to rot. However I do like how she provides information on Enemies. However she is VERY useful in the bottom of the well, and the Shadow Temple because she can hear the voices that are speaking in both locations.


Nine Tailed Hannya.
Feb 25, 2011
Navi... She give me head pains when she stops you in the middle of something. I really wish the Deku Tree gave Link a better fairy :)

Song of Storms

Blow Curses Away
Feb 17, 2011
what i just hate about her is that when she says how to open doors,how to dive etc.but shes a good character for me especially when she said on the final boss that link and her will fight together but she just helpss (z targetting) lols

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