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Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

Is Navi really that annoying?

  • Yes, she's my least favorite character of any video game

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  • Yeah, I really wish she weren't in OoT

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  • Sort of, I liked some of her stuff, but she did get annoying at times

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  • Not really, alot of her stuff was really helpful to me

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  • No, she's one of my favorite charecters in Oot/Zelda in general

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Well, Some of the things i Disliked about Navi are:

1. She goes back (inside link or something) in like in 5 secs
2. When you lock on to some monster and theres like 3 in the room she keeps like switching, were as i just want to unlock, dislock, whatever
3. She Makes annoying Noises that annoy me sometimes

Thats about it but, Overall Navi is one of my Favorite characters in the Game.

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Sep 28, 2010
Sort of answer answer only applied to the first time I played but nowadays she's annoying b/c I know what to do.
May 8, 2010
Eagle River, Alaska
I think the only reason people find her annoying is because she says "hey" and "listen" quite a bit, but that alone can't ruin a character in my opinion. If you are playing Ocarina of Time for the first time, her information is helpful on what to do and because of this you don't have to grab the guide or find a walkthrough online. The only real annoying character is Kaebora Gaebora, and he doesn't really bother you in the second part of the game. Navi is with you the whole time, but the have the option not to listen to her on most occasions. It's very nit picky to point out one flaw in a character and automaticly judge them, and that if often the case when there is a thread like this.

Maybe after the release of Ocarina of Time 3D, people won't find her so annoying because I have a stong feeling that Nintendo will not keep her voice. I find it likely that they would so her reputation as a character is a little better. Whenever I see a negitave thing about Ocarina of Time something about how annoying Navi is is almost always included. In a review their opinion on one character shouldn't be a factor on how good the overall game is. I hope one day this argument will be put to rest because there are things of far greater impotance in Zelda.


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Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
I liked Navi actually. She was very informative the first time through. She helped you solve puzzles and destroy monsters. She was great but Tatle was better she didn't give too much or too little. Now midna gave no information on regular enemies. So Navi and Tatle are the best. Navi was also great for random things that you should do like the fortune teller in Alttp.
Sep 28, 2010
she never annoyed me to the point where I wanted to shoot her but she did get annoying at times.......but I find Midna to be a much better helping character


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Aug 6, 2010
I think that Navi was actually a pretty helpful character. Yeah the "Hey! Listen!" was annoying, but I actually began to tune it out. I mostly focused on the vibrations of my controller when Navi had something to say.
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Aug 12, 2010
In The Great Sea

she would be more helpful if she didnt repeat information. Say I'm almost done the fire temple, and chose to go out and doddle for a bit. then she comes up in my face. 'HEY! LISTEN!' I see what she has to say, then she goes 'Somethings wrong with Death Mountain, we have to go check it out!!!' Repeat this the whole game.


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Jan 9, 2008
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The only time Navi ever really annoyed me was inside the Great Deku Tree. In there she would force you to stop and listen to her advice, so I guess if we're counting that I do find her annoying. After that though, I didn't find her to be annoying at all. I mean, you don't have to push Up-C to talk to her when she tries to offer you advice if you don't want to, so if you know what you're doing why bother? I didn't mind her flying around Link or hiding underneath his hat for the rest of the game either. It's just one of those things I've learned to ignore and not pay attention to as I play through the game.
Sep 7, 2010
Navi is okay sometimes i just learn to ignore her
i mean sometimes if i go back to the game and forget were im at and she says something i'll be like oh yeah! thats were i was at
yes if you play the game over and over especially at the beginning of the game she gets annoying
but its one of those things i can tune out of the game =]
and i mean come on there are more annoying charicters in the game


The Problem with Navi

Okay I see a lot of Zelda fans hating on Navi but i kinda think she's cool. I actually really missed her in Majora's Mask. She was like a venture buddy that Link had in OoT.

I think a lot of people think she's annoying just for the sake of finding one of the only nuisances in the game. I may be assuming a bit too much. But what do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? :)


Jun 14, 2010
Not in the SB ;-;
Is this a pole? I beleive ive seen this thread before.

But anyways I agree she was anoying (she got stuck sayin Listen!) and she sometimes warned you wrong (you are walking there is a stick in the floor WATCH OUT!) BUt it was great to have a description of every enemy, as a matter of fact the only things we know from enemies has come from Navi (and Tatl)

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