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General Art Angelito

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
This is probably my most masterful piece yet, and I hope you will all enjoy it.


I had thought over the concept of murder a million times over, and a million times I had assured myself that I would wreak a terrible vengeance upon Christine. It was how I would go upon doing this that had been troubling me the past few days. The pain she had caused me ran deep. The wounds had not healed, and they would never heal. She had once been my angel, descended from the heavens to be with me. But once day she had decided to end our beautiful relationship, and she did so with the coldest stare. Soon after, she married one of my dearest companions - all without batting an eyelid. Oh, how pure our love was, but she took it all away with such ease. I will never forget these pains that Christine has caused me. Never.


It was on a warm Sunday afternoon that I had decided to reacquaint myself with Christine after all these years. And it seemed as if not a day had passed since our division. We planned to go for a leisurely stroll to Angelito Peak, the pinnacle of a small mountain that is accessible by a rather short drive. It is marked by a cliff, and beneath this cliff is the mouth of the great sea. I’ve spent my entire life in an extravagant small town in Spain. Christine and I were connected through our ability to speak the English dialect. It was for this reason that we were able to fall in love with each other in the first place.

After driving to her stately home by the shore, she walked slowly from her front door to the car with her head turned toward the house. She seemed to be walking away angrily from her husband whom I so despised. She opened the car door and closed is quickly. A strand of hair lay still across her face... and there was an unsettling expression on her face.

“Let’s get this over with. Rich isn’t too thrilled about me being here with you,” Christine said.

“Of course, of course. I shall return you to your humble abode before the strike of the bell at midnight. Your husband can rest assured,” I replied.

With this exchange of words, I drove up to the mountain peak. I wish there were more to report on the matter, but the drive was eerily silent. No more words were spoken during the lengthy trip. This only confirmed by suspicion that Christine was very uncomfortable in the present situation. Perhaps I expected too much from the vile being. As always, she was coldhearted and didn’t show a single sign of lasting affection for me.

The car came to a screeching halt. I had almost forgotten that the peak came so soon along the mountainous path, for I had imagined the trip would be more time-consuming. No matter, for we were at the base of the long walk upwards. A million trees stood on either side of the stone staircase, and the remains of a campfire lay about 40 feet from the location of the parked car. Christine opened the door hastily and stepped outside, stretching her arms and legs.

A beautiful purplish-orange sunset loomed on the horizon.

“What are you thinking right now, Christine?” I asked with a sheepish grin on my face. “You must be thinking quite a bit, but you have yet to form words.”

Christine bowed her head and sighed. “I don’t know. I feel very uncomfortable around you. Perhaps Rich feels that there is a rivalry between you two, maybe because I had once been madly in love with you. But you’re aware of that.”

“Indeed I am. Come, let’s walk. I promise I won’t try to seduce you,” I tried to suppress a chuckle.

She smiled and walked on over to the foot of the stone stairs. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go, ex-boyfriend.”

I gave a feigned shake of the head and dashed to her side. After walking a set of stairs, I decided it was time to extract some information from her. I had always been interested about why she decided to separate from me, because I had never felt that I did her any great wrongs.

“So... could you tell me why you decided to break up with me? I’ve just been, say, curious concerned this particular subject.”

Christine guffawed and rested her hand on my shoulder. “Are you serious? There are so many reasons for why I left you. First off is the way you talk. Can you speak normally for once? Life doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean Sonnet all the time.”

“Heh. I guess so. But what else?” I asked. I tried to make the words seem as natural and as unsuspicious as possible.

“Little things. Sometimes I thought you were a little nutty in the head - I don’t know.”

“Bonkers? Me? You must have me mistaken for someone else!” I forced a laugh. “Anyway, I would like to veer away from this topic. How are things with the husband?”

“Could be better...” Christine spoke very gently. “Sometimes Rich doesn’t understand me. There are times when we argue and he’s just too stubborn to back down. And it could be about the silliest things, like what we should buy at the store, you know? Our necessities and our wants.”

“That can certainly be a problem. We never fought like that, did we?” I said innocently. Perhaps she detected a hint of superciliousness in my voice, but I dismissed the thought almost immediately after its conception.

“Not really. But I still think you’re crazy,” she said, as if to defend her choice to marry Rich.

“I see that you’re rather content with your decision to marry him. He’s a good guy. And may you and Rich have a long-lasting relationship,” I said with an evil grin. I couldn’t suppress the smirk that was creeping across my face.

“Yeah, we’re in it for the long haul.”

I reached into my breast pocket and pulled out a small canteen of champagne. I also reached into my pocket with my free hand and revealed to Christine another small canteen of alcohol - this time it was bourbon. “Which do you prefer?”

Christine laughed heartily and covered her mouth with her hand. “You know the answer to that! I hate bourbon! Pass the champagne this way.”

“Perfect. I say we drink! We shall drink to your longevity and the longevity of your husband as well!” I said as I raised the cask. She did the same and took a small sip.

Christine inched a tiny bit closer to me, and together we walked leisurely up the path. It was now around nine o’ clock, the time where the sun has disappeared completely and the moon is allowed to have the limelight. The moon this night was especially beautiful, showing its entirety to those on the earth.

“A full moon. What a gorgeous night,” Christine exclaimed, taking a gander at the remarkable environment that surrounded us.

The trees seemed to grow taller still, towering above our heads. The air was chilly and fresh. Whenever I breathed in, I would feel a cold, stinging sensation from the sharpness of the air.

“So tell me, do you have any plans for the future?” I asked.

“We’re definitely planning to have a kid. Don’t know what we’d name him, but I’m sure that the baby will be adorable,” Christine replied.

“The baby will probably have your bright blue eyes and Rich’s smooth black hair,” I said, exhaling. A smoke-looking cloud emerged from my breath. “I’m sure your child will be beautiful.”

Christine blushed. Her usually pale face turned bright red. The moonlight gleamed on her face, making it appear as if it were of a light blue hue. “Thanks. And I’m sure that your kid, when he or she comes along, won’t be too bad-looking either.”

“Are you implying that you are still somewhat attracted to me?” I asked. Perhaps posing the question was a bit much, but I knew that she her heart still jumped whenever she saw me. That fact alone would make her demise that much more exhilarating.

“No, of course not!” she blushed. “But... you still have gorgeous hair. That’ll never change.”

I forced myself to chuckle a little, and then I paused. Christine looked rather perplexed. I held out my hand warmly, but didn’t really expect her to grasp it. For awhile she only stared blankly at my hand, questioning the intent of my actions. But her gawk soon shifted to a light smile, the type of smile you see when your neighbors greet you on the front lawn while you get the mail.

“Would you take my hand like you used to? You know, before you hated my guts,” I joked with a fake grin plastered on my face.

“I never hated your guts. Well, maybe half your guts at some point,” Christine said. It seemed as if the champagne was working its way into her system a little.

After this particular conversation, we can finally joined hands. Little did she know that while her heart grows warmer, grave misfortune draws nearer. The bourbon swished around in the canteen in my breast pocket. I didn’t intend on taking another sip, for being too intoxicated can lead to the impairment of one’s mind. And I cannot have an impaired mind while carrying out such a deed, can I?

“Well that’s comforting. I wouldn’t say that I’m too eager to rekindle our relationship, but you’re still better than any other women’s I’ve met since our separation,” I said.

I was trying to give her a sense of self-confidence. Better than self-loathing. Because I am the better man, and she knows it - definitely self-loathing for ever deciding to leave me for Rich. It was pretty clear to me that Christine was not as content with her marriage with Rich as she was in our relationship. Unless I read the wrong signals, this should be the case.

“Gee, that’s quite the compliment. But don’t you dare think I love you more than Rich. I said that earlier, but I want to make sure you’re not too dense to understand that.”

“Of course not.”

The pine trees seemed to retain the same trunk size as I saw previously, but they grew taller and taller. This made the trees look more fragile but even more menacing. The moon had now reached a point in the sky where it rested perfectly between the pines on both sides of the path. Although I am sure that it is impossible, the moon appeared to have grown. The enlarged moon was (in contrast to the trees) not the least bit frightening, but almost served as a sun - a bright light that illuminates the otherwise dark forest that surrounded me and Christine.

The path widened and finally came to a halt. From here you could here the thundering of the ocean waves. To the right of this peak lay the shoreline of this small city. I found the architecture of the buildings to be very old-fashioned. An unstable-looking, worn-down old wooden sign had a few faded words etched on it:


I looked past the sign to the end of the path. The stone floor formed the shape of a circle, reminiscent of a cul-de-sac.

“The moon... it looks as if it has engulfed the entire sky,” I remarked, staring in awe of the vantage point’s wondrous beauty.

“Yeah, it kind of does look like that,” Christine replied. In the corner of my eye I caught her glance at me, followed by her turning her head quickly when she noticed I had seen her glance at me.

We both stood at the edge of the cliff, gazing out into the ocean. Neither of us spoke for a short time, but this was not a silence of awkwardness. Instead it was one of appreciating the beauty of the ocean... maybe just in her mind. I could go about finishing her off in so many ways, but I am a man of dignidad: of dignity and stateliness.

“Did you enjoy the champagne?” I asked. I had decided to engage in a little small talk.

“Of course. But tell me - why did you bring me out here? You know, this setting is pretty romantic. You may think you’re pretty smart, but even I can see past your so-called innocent motives. You want me,” Christine boldly stated her thoughts. Well played, but I refrained from telling her that this was untrue.

“I’ll be straight with you. I still have feelings for you, Christine. I hope you can love me the same way I love you.”

“What’s done is done, Vengaza,” she replied. She had never called me by my last name before. A sign of disrespect, no doubt, but I knew she had already fallen for me.

“I see. But can you do this for me?” I asked.

Looking a bit puzzled, she could only respond the way most people respond when such a question is asked. “What?”

“Give me the privilege of sharing one final kiss with you. To say our last goodbyes to the past and move on so that we may both pursue happy futures,” I said. A grin crept across my face.

Christine nodded her head in conformity. She gently brushed her hand against mine and pushed her beautiful blonde hair behind her ear. We embraced and our lips joined together under the moonlight. The waves of the ocean crashed against the side of the cliff, sending a light spray of water into the air below us.

I slowly tore my lips from hers and looked into her eyes. They were as blue as the morning sky. I rested my head on her neck and breathed softly. “May you float to the heavens, my dear Angelito.”

With this, still bound by her embrace, I lifted her arms from my waist and pushed her off-balance. This was the ultimate separation between us - the final separation, and it was on my terms. Christine tried to regain her balance, but failed. She slowly tipped over and was consumed by the vicious waves of the ocean. I was able to catch the expression on her face before he descent into the bottom of the sea. Once again her face was one of puzzlement as she realized my betrayal. All in a day’s work, I suppose.

I calmly trotted back down the path and to the car, leaving the past far behind me like I had promised to Christine.


Michael Vengaza, at the age of 45, ended his life on the day of January 4th, 2030. His friends and relatives suspected that it was so he could escape from his deep financial troubles. There is also the possibility that Michael Vengaza, the ultimate avenger, love interest of his Angelito, ended his own life because of a guilty conscience.

Any sort of criticism would be helpful!
Majora's Cat, your writing is stunning in its simplicity yet elegance. I can't believe I looked over this thread when it was first posted last November. This is a literary gem every forum member deserves to read. The diction was reminiscent of that in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Angelito certainly cast the same suppressed horror vibe. The bittersweet epilogue was chilling and invigorating in the way it contained so much remorse in so few words. The economy of this writing brought to mind Eric Maria Remarque's closing thoughts in his war novel All Quiet on the Western Front, "Turning him over one saw that he could not have suffered long; his face had an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come".

The pine trees seemed to retain the same trunk size as I saw previously, but they grew taller and taller. This made the trees look more fragile but even more menacing. The moon had now reached a point in the sky where it rested perfectly between the pines on both sides of the path. Although I am sure that it is impossible, the moon appeared to have grown. The enlarged moon was (in contrast to the trees) not the least bit frightening, but almost served as a sun - a bright light that illuminates the otherwise dark forest that surrounded me and Christine.

A small syntax adjustment I would make here:

*The pine trees appeared to retain the same trunk size as I had previously noted, but they grew taller and taller. The moon had now reached a point in the sky where it rested perfectly between the pines on both sides of the path. Although I'm not sure that is possible, the moon appeared to have grown. The augmented moon was not the least bit frightening, but almost served as a sun - a bright light that illuminated the otherwise dark forest that surrounded Christine and I.


Nov 12, 2010

Just kidding, Nelson. After reading ALIT's, comment, I had to read the story. I'm happy I did. I felt it was a good story, although I think heavier descriptions, and it generally being longer would have made it all the better. I don't have much critique to say, but I was very impressed. I never got a hold of the Twin Chronicles or anything else you've written, so this was nice to read. I look forward to reading more of you work, bro. :>

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