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Android upgrade

Dec 12, 2019

Firstly I hope I am posting this query on the right forum section. If not then maybe I can move it to a more appropriate one.

One of my sons has a Samsung Phone with Android 5.xx version running on it.
No hang-ups -all's fine , till the banking application that's installed ( ABN AMRO ) wont open any more because the min. rqmts are Android 6 for that app.

The issue is quiet clear and I have the following options :

1) upgrade to android 6 and loose all user data + installed apps ( afaik )
* thats something he does not want

2) Buy a new modern phone
* I dont think so ;)

3) keep the phone as it is and do nothing .
*btw I dont want to root the phone either ...it will negate the warranty.

but is there a way out of here other than the above 3 options ? or ...is option 1 safe ...regarding user data & all pre-installed apps ?

Its only this bank app. that's an issue while---rest all on the phone is all fine incl. whatsapp etc.

Thx. in advance !

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Well as long as all of the apps were downloaded via Google Play, your formerly downloaded apps should be listed and you can re-download them easily. You can also backup all his app data and whatnot via either Google Drive or Samsung's Cloud backup service for ease after the transfer to the newer Android version.

However, I'm going to say the phone's app and user data shouldn't be in jeopardy by a version upgrade? But if it is, the above info is relevant.

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