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Amiibo Functionality?

Alita the Pun

Oct 6, 2016
Nintendo Memeverse
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There may have already been a thread like this but I'll just start a new one.

With BotW coming out, I've been thinking about Amiibo functionality. I know what a couple (wolf Link) do, but on the rest, I'm left wondering. Here are the known Zelda Amiibos that have been released or have yet to be released:

SSB Link
SSB Toon Link
SSB Zelda
SSB Sheik
SSB Ganondorf
TPHD Wolf Link
30th Ann. OOT Link
30th Ann. 8-bit Link
30th Ann. Toon Link (WW)
30th Ann. Toon Zelda (WW)
BotW Link (Archer)
BotW Link (Rider)
BotW Zelda
BotW Guardian
BotW Bokoblin

Will all of these have functionality? And if so what?


Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
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8-bit Link will reward you with a random number of barrels. You might find rupees inside too!Ocarina of Time Link will reward you with a random amount of meat.Toon Link will reward you with a random amount of fish.Wind Waker Zelda will reward you with a random selection of plants.


i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
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Super Smash Bros. amiibos don't seem to have any functionality that we know of at this very moment. Libk pointed out the features of the others.

Wolf Link, however, apparently summons a wolf with a Wolf Link skin to be your companion throughout the game. Pretty neat.

BotW amiibos are also under lock and key in terms of their functionality.

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