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Game Thread Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel [NIGHT 10--HIATUS]

Jun 15, 2020

– Page 2 –

Spider-Man Murders James Wesley, Bounty Soars to $250,000
By J. Jonah Jameson

The Century Club fell under attack last night by a group of supposed aliens demanding the city’s elite hand over their entire fortunes or be put to death. Prominent community members Felicia Hardy and Norman Osborn both reported the incident in real time, requesting the aid of the newly minted “Spider-Man”.

Spider-Man responded by saying, “It smells like a trap, I’m not going.” After counsel was offered by The Human Torch on what a proper super hero would do Spider-Man then offered, “SORRY FRIENDS THIS SPIDER NEEDS A NAP, ITS BEEN A HARD FEW DAYS.”

Pleads for help continued to pour in from the Century Club including from prominent businessman Wilson Fisk. But while Spider-Man was napping James Wesley was gunned by the attackers to let everybody know they weren’t bluffing.

After his nap and more insistence that Spider-Man reconsider from both Torch and our very own Robbie Robertson, Spider-Man finally relented, “Remember this as the day Spider-Man chose to save people at the risk of his own neck.” James Wesley’s dead corpse could not be reached for a response.

Upon arriving at the Century Club a short battle ensued between the aliens, Spider-Man, and a surprise appearance by the Tinkerer. The aliens escaped unscathed while Spider-Man apprehended the old and feeble Tinkerer.

(This article contains no fact-checked information, please see the secondary article for information regarding the Green Goblin hunt.)


– Page 3 –

Letters to the Editor

Anonymous said:
While the failure of finding common ground between Town and Mafia is tragic, Town would do well to keep in mind that there may be potential supervillains in the Mafia who are holding off on pursuing an alignment change as long as Mafia seems like the stronger alignment. Removing the Kingpin of Crime might unleash a series of other severe threats. Or maybe not, who can tell?

Dear Anonymous,

A lot of transformations are being holstered right now, which makes sense since we don't know much about the Superhero or Supervillain alignments right now aside from the fact that heroes don't like people dying.

I believe there may also be players who are in mafia that might turn supervillain if arrested or if Town players fulfil other conditions that might prompt them to go down a darker path.


Anonymous said:
It is known to me that ExLight was killed by a trio of individuals, most likely represented by Amber. If the Green Goblin attempted to make that kill, he was too late.

These fiends and their associates must be put behind bars.

Dear Anonymous,

Interesting, so I guess Amber has both killed JJJ3/PK and ExLight/Hammerhead? Sounds like she's been causing a lot of unwanted death.



– Page 4 –

Editor's Note
By Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Dear Reader,

I hope that people keep not dying, that is my sincerest hope. This is an appeal to stop the deaths while we determine if it's possible to win collectively.

Keep up the good work everyone,

Robbie Robertson
Contact Us


– Page 5 –

May or May Not?
By Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Who is the mysterious Doc? Is he the Green Goblin? Some sources claim that Doc must be the Green Goblin by process of elimination, with the Human Torch going so far as to say, "I'm at least 90% certain that it's Doc, and that it can be no one other than Doc. By this time in the next phase, I will either be dead and/or the Green Goblin aka Doc will be in jail." Here at the Daily Bugle, however, we believe in checking things out before passing summary judgement on an unsuspecting old lady who hopes to someday be invited to live a Golden Girls lifestyle with other similarly-aged women.

On Night 2, Doc's character name was Aunt May Parker. That second night, Doc possessed Secret or Bonus voting abilities. During the time on the second night the investigation occurred, the only company Doc owned corporate shares in was The Daily Bugle.

Last night, we were able to verify that Doc is not a threat to the town at the moment in time he was investigated. Also, as of last night, Doc does NOT possess any Secret or Bonus votes. This is a change from Night 2. Last night Doc only owned one corporate share, presumably in the Daily Bugle. Last night we were able to verify that Doc is not Spider-Man during the moment of investigation. We were able able to verify that he did not possess a posting restriction during last night. We also were able to verify that Doc only has access to one bank account.

From this we can determine that Doc had access to Secret or Bonus votes during night 2 and lost them by last night and Doc is not Spider-Man.

The following assertions may not be true, as their fact checks came back with Null results, suggesting that, while they're based on reliable information and the fact check recognized them as such, they neither showed up as true or false. I pose the following questions: Is it true that Doc has one share in the Daily Bugle? Why don't we know that Doc has no posting restriction, despite knowing that he did last night? Is it really true that Doc is currently named Aunt May Parker?

The mysteries surrounding Doc pose more questions than answers. He doesn't appear to be a threat to town, but the shifting nature of his secret/bonus vote status do cause me raise my eyebrow. If Doc really were the Green Goblin, would that suggest that he's not a threat to town despite killing our former photographer? Based on what we've gathered here today, the Daily Bugle stands unconvinced that Doc is the Green Goblin currently.

(This article received a front page fact-check. All bolded and green information is true, all bolded yellow information is null.)


– Page 6 –

JJJ's Rants — With Great Power There MUST Come Great Responsibility
By J. Jonah Jameson

A man is dead, and nobody cares. But worst of all the man is dead simply because one man CHOSE not to care. This masked hoodlum, Spider-Man is directly responsible for the death of James Wesley. Make no mistake about it. If a police officer let somebody die because they couldn’t be assed to take action they would be immediately suspended pending an investigation that could lead to termination or criminal charges brought against them. What’s Spider-Man going to get for his just desserts? Nothing…because he’s a masked vigilante that hides his identity exactly so he can trample over any laws or rights that other people want to exercise without prosecution. Well I got news for you buddy boy, front page news! You can’t escape the court of public opinion! You’re a menace to this society and you made that perfectly clear to the Wesley family last night who are now without a son, a brother, an uncle, a cousin. I’m upping my bounty on your head. After last night you’ve made it clear that you help only in situations where it suits your ego. $250,000 to the person or people that see this harmful miscreant put behind bars. Let’s see some real Justice, New York. With great power there MUST come great responsibility. Don’t let this masked marauder run rampant in this city with all the power and none of the responsibility!


– Page 7 –

Nine is Fine, But Three's a Crowd
By Ned Leeds

After the night's events, and after some clever deduction on this journalist's part, I believe there are 9 Mafia-aligned players in the active player pool. (The reasoning for that is this: the last Town count was 8, and surely the non-mafia threats didn't jump from 1 to 9 in a single night! That would be absurd!) Players should be careful who they do and don't eliminate in the upcoming days and nights.

Mechanically we know that the number of Town or Mafia or Self-Aligned threats to Town was 9 last night, but not which group was at 9.

We had the Town player count at 8 before Lain entered the active player pool. If Lain, Turin, and Abigail are all Town we would be at 9 Town and everything we know would make sense assuming no alignment changes.

Similarly, if Turin is still Mafia or if there's a hidden Mafia player, that would explain it being one higher than Rag's count of 8.

According to multiple pieces of testimony Asfinyti is a member of the mafia, formerly serving under the Daily Bugle's own Turin AKA Frederick Foswell, who was secretly a mobster operating under the alter ego of "Big Man. She worked alongside the late Killjoy who was later revealed to actually be "The Crime Master. According to Day 5 investigations at the very least, Asfinyti doesn't have an "R" in their alignment, which gives credit to this testimony. Asfinyti's name is Raymond Bloch, a figure who is known to Google as "the Ox". The Ox is a member of the three-person Enforcers group, which is likely the true nature of their role. Daniel Brito is also suspected of the murder of Paranoid King, and is expected to be one of their three identities as well. Doesn't mean much to this lore-dry journalist, but given the lack of R in their alignment, they probably aren't (or at least weren't) superhero, supervillain, origin, or spider-aligned, meaning sending them to jail isn't a priority by any means unless Mafia decides they want to play hardball.

(Bolded information is mechanically confirmed, but not mod-confirmed.)


– Page 8 –





– Page 9 –

Classifieds - The Daily Bugle is now Hiring!

The Daily Bugle is looking to hire a photographer, reporters, and possibly other staff.

Please write a Letter to the Editor validated by your character name with your character name, player name, alignment, desired salary and anything you'd like to say about why you think we should hire you.

Application enclosed below.

Application said:
Character name:
Player name:
Desired salary:
Why we should hire you:

Puzzle Corner


Daily Rumor

According to a rumor that I assume is false given that it doesn't match the reality of the thread, Sergei Kravenoff is Origin-Aligned, but he's actually one of the more pro-Town Origin-Aligned roles in the game. He can actually be very helpful to Spider-Man his more animalistic foes, such as The Rhino, The Lizard, or The Vulture. If he is successful in helping Spider-Man take down all three of them, he'll transform into a permanently Superhero-Aligned ally. Sounds ridiculous considering we know him to be Mafia-Aligned. Only in the case that the Town chooses to turn on Sergei and tries to Arrest him will he transform into the Supervillain-Aligned Kraven the Hunter, and become committed to hunting Spider-Man for the rest of the game. This rumor says, in fact, that many potential Supervillains work this way, where the mistakes of the Town creates their own enemies.




– Page 10 –
Daily Funny

Calvin and Hobbes




Daily Bugle Archives

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The Green Goblin

Mafia Account
Mafia Account
Jun 24, 2020
Well..... ****. I guess I'm on the front page (only technically, if you count the top corner).

fiiiiiiiiine I guess may parker gets to live for now.

but someone else is going to die today. Mark my words. :devil:

Jun 15, 2020
And with that, a familiar DING sounds off the start of the WALL STREET DAY.


However, due to the recent string of bank robberies allegedly performed by Super-Powered criminals, the market is decidedly dicey. While the Stock Exchange will remain open, buyer confidence in stocks is low right now and any large movements could cause the market to CRASH.

Consider this a warning to engage with the Stock Exchange toDay at your own risk.
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Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
Don't mention it.

No, seriously, don't mention it. Coming across as helpful hurts my carefully crafted sociopath image.


i do know someone else with a carefully crafted sociopath image...


Ghost of The Roleplay Section
Sep 10, 2011
Don't mention it.

No, seriously, don't mention it. Coming across as helpful hurts my carefully crafted sociopath image.

Whomever they are, they are very good at talking like others so their identity is hidden.

if it is believed that The Green Man is Doc, then we have to think about the Potion trail.

Norman or Mendel would have to have made the Green one on the first place, then the Potion would have to been Stolen by someone, and given to Doc

if Doc is Aunt May, which he seems to be Mod Confirmed to be. then that is the case

Who would have picked Doc as The Subject?

I'll have to talk to Freduardo during the Night Phase about it. Insomniac means you can post at night, but not only at night.

I should get on that List i suppose


Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
someone started the game with the green goblin potion and it wasn't freddeh. We don't know who it was. Freddeh could have made a new one at some point in theory but we have no indication that he did, and it seems more likely that our goblin either came from the potion that started in someone else's hands or that they were born via some other mechanism entirely


Ghost of The Roleplay Section
Sep 10, 2011
someone started the game with the green goblin potion and it wasn't freddeh. We don't know who it was. Freddeh could have made a new one at some point in theory but we have no indication that he did, and it seems more likely that our goblin either came from the potion that started in someone else's hands or that they were born via some other mechanism entirely
Kinda like Tevish being The radioactive spider. hmmm.....
who would have had like day 0 dealings with Oscorp and may have been able to steal the Potion?


King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018



IT IS NOW DAY 6. Day 6's Deadline has been set for Sunday, October 15th, at 5 PM Eastern Time.

Click here for an accurate countdown.


Doc (5.5): Storm, Spiritual Mask Salesman, Andjalo, Ragnarokio, Aaarrrgh

Currently OPEN.

The Daily Bugle: Norman Osborn
Fisk International: Wilson Fisk
OsCorp: Norman Osborn
Roxxon Energy Corporation: Norman Osborn


Storyline 1: Gang War: Part 5 - "The War Ends!"

Storyline 2: Light the Night! (Continues)

WARNING: The STOCK EXCHANGE is UNSTABLE (due to the recent string of robberies). BUYER BEWARE, any large movements of Corporate Shares toDay all at once could cause the market to CRASH.


Mod Note: Crossed-out player names represent previously held characters and do not count as being "a player in this pool" for the purposes of abilities and win conditions that care how many players are in a given pool.


  1. Andjalo
  2. Asfinyti
  3. Asfinyti
  4. Asfinyti
  5. Captan_Lunch
  6. Doc
  7. dragonteacup
  8. Freddeh
  9. HangryHangryHippo
  10. KingofDominaria
  11. lain
  12. LittleGumball
  13. Ragnarokio
  14. Rubik
  15. Silverfish
  16. Skystone
  17. Spiritual Mask Salesman
  18. Storm
  19. Tevish Szat
  20. Turin
  21. Vroendal

  1. Princess Abigail was the Mafia-Aligned Burglar, who cannot be bailed out
  2. Princess Abigail is Betty Brant; her Bail is being PROCESSED

  1. Tevish Szat was the Origin-Aligned Radioactive Spider
  2. Stability was Origin-Aligned Mac Gargan
  3. Morbid Minish was Town-Aligned Flash Thompson
  4. Killjoy262 was the Mafia-Aligned Crime-Master
  5. Paranoid King was Town-Aligned John J. Jameson III
  6. TheCapsFan was Origin-Aligned Adrian Toomes
  7. ExLight was Mafia-Aligned Joseph Hammerhead

  1. Aaarrrgh
  2. Mint Elv

  1. Hello World
  2. DuskyBlue

  1. Nobody. Want to join the game? Hit me up.

Replacement Continuity:
PARANOID KING replaced NEOSILK, ANDJALO replaced DARKSTAR, & LITTLEGUMBALL replaced THEATOG (who appears in thread as "deleted member 97076" cuz he ragequit the entire forum)


  1. Day 1 Start | Stan 1.1 | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 1.2 | Second Vote Count | Third Vote Count | Stan 1.3 | End of Day
    1. Night 1 Start | Tevish (the Radioactive Spider) dies | End of Night
  2. Day 2 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 2.1 | Second Vote Count | Stan 2.2 | Third Vote Count | Stan 2.3 | End of Day
    1. Night 2 Start | End of Night
  3. Day 3 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 3.1 | Second Vote Count | Excelsior! | Third Vote Count | End of Day
    1. Night 3 Start | He Who Watches... | End of Night
  4. Day 4 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 4.1 | Stan 4.2 | End of Day
    1. Night 4 Start | Spider-Man vs. The Big Man (End of Night)
  5. Day 5 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Second Vote Count | Third Vote Count
    1. Night 5 Event
  6. Day 6 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle

Updated snapshot.
May 30, 2023
Zinger wants someone to make a post so that he can immediately burry that post with his Daily Bugle?

Alright, I'll play ball. Here's a post for you. A post, and a PROMISE.

If I am not SOMEWHERE on the front page of your damn issue, I am going to KILL whoever is named MAY PARKER. (there's got to be a May Parker in the game, right? I am just guess)

How's that for a post, huh? :P

If you want to make the front page so bad, defeat spiderman. That would be front page for sure. And probably seen as decidedly unhelpful so that's a plus too.

The Human Torch

Mafia Account
Mafia Account
Jul 17, 2023
I do. If you're unconvinced that Doc is the Green Goblin based on today's Daily Bugle, so be it. I trust my process but you don't have to, and there's still the possibility within my own mind that I may be wrong.

Vote: Doc

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