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Game Thread Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel [NIGHT 10--HIATUS]


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Sep 10, 2011
Im not the most rational player. Normally i jist spout stuff because this is all my social life is. Sitting in the corner with a Sprite in my hand waitong to be talked to. The energy charges my batteries and i can go on another day. You know. Oart of me thinks all these Puppets is Zinger. I find it funnt when i try to sign into ZD it asks if i want to sign in as Spider-Man....
Old password still works. Use that info to your discretion

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Mafia Account
Jul 17, 2023
As several have mentioned before, the antagonism towards you is not personal. By mechanical nature, you are opposed to the good. That's bad. Can that change? I hope so, no one took me up on my offer to aid the understanding of the endgame so I really can't say. Until then, any peace between us is an uneasy one and that's the way it has to be.

Zinger wishes he were me. I'm much cooler than him. I'm also hotter, but don't tell him I said that.

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Not really sure who the Green Goblin might be. It seems like they purposely are trying to post like certain people.

The entrance gives off KoD or Storm vibes to me. The uwu post feels like it's trying to point at Ex. Its likely not Ex or Storm because neither of them would ever powerwolf even with anonymity, at least in my head I can't imagine them doing it.


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What you mean? Until the other day when Storm blew his wad all over Killjoy, there weren't even any supervillains in the game. All these bodies piling up? That ain't super villains yo. That's the mafia being dumb as ****. Heck, I bet you the only death attributed to a supervillain on the table so far is a mafia death. So like...

uh wasn't the only mafia death killjoy dying from trying to shoot storm
Aug 26, 2023
You want to help the threats to town win? That sounds kinda evil to me, ngl.
I don't want him to win, but he's said he isn't gonna kill anyone, I don't disbelieve him, so he's on the backburner for me
It's pretty clear his Origin alignment turned into supervillain, so even if he doesn't actively hurt town he is still treated as a threat and we should probably address it as soon as possible before they find ways to grow stronger
I hadn't considered that might be a mechanic however...

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