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Spoiler Am I Going Crazy???


Purveyor of Cuckoos
Aug 16, 2011
A chicken coop.
In the game so far, what you all are calling "Phi" is actually named "Fi" in my game. Is this a weird glitch? The proper way to spell it according to the game is "Fi."
Also, the "Skyward Sword" is called the "Guardian Sword" so shouldn't the game be called "Guardian Sword"? instead?!?!?

Anyway, the game is fun so far. I just landed on the surface. No spoilers ;)
Sep 24, 2011
You're not going crazy, they decided to rename Phi to Fi in at least the American version and the Goddess or Guardian? sword is also the Skyward Sword, I'm not sure why that name was changed... but yeah, they're the same. You're not crazy! :D

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