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ajin review [spoilers]


Jan 19, 2018
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this thread has spoilers for the manga ajin

i recently finished the manga ajin it is a modern fantasy story about what if there were some people who when they died they came back to life and also they had psychic ghost powers and it is mostly a story about how the government sucks. In it the main character gets run over by a truck but comes back to life in front of a lot of people, and then his friends and family immediately turn on him to try and capture him and turn him into the government for money. The government is secretly performing torturous human experimentation on the ajin and behind the scenes it turns out they're also selling the ajin to medical and military companies for R&D purposes. the MC doesn't know this but he is an edgy teenager so he figures it is probably the case anyways and runs away. Eventually he gets captured and tortured for a while and then escapes and while this is happening another ajin who is a sociopath and the main villain of the story decides he wants to take over japan in the name of ajin rights (in reality he is just doing it for fun). Because the main character doesn't want japan to be taken over he ends up fighting against this person with a splinter faction of the government and things get messy politically but ultimately there are a lot of scenes where the government does ****ed up things and they keep losing to the villain over and over again because he's too strong.

one scene i like is at the end the villain is blowing up every important government institution and also killed the prime minister and every backup prime minister and most of the remaining politicians respond to the chaos by destroying all evidence of their political crimes and some of them also actively try to prevent the few good government people from trying to stop the villain b/c it could end up exposing their crimes.

ultimately its a lot of action/battle of wits scenes and some political drama which portrays politics in a very cynical way. The action is kind of cool and i think they handled devising strategies based on the abilities of the ajin pretty well. I'm not normally a fan of those sorts of action sequences. The main character ended up being sort of interesting but for the first half of the manga i felt like the author didn't know what kind of character they wanted him to be and so he was sort of volatile. I liked the anti-state messages because I don't like states.

All in all i give it a 4/5 because it was entertaining and a little interesting.

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