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Adventure Pouch


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Nov 16, 2011
My question is pretty simple, did you like the idea of the Adventure Pouch? This is the first Zelda (iirc) that limits the quantity of items you can bring with you.
And ... of course Shields. Did you like the new Shield Meter?And it's concept?

Feel free to answer one,or every question I've put here.

As for me, ...
To be honest I didn't like the Adventure Pouch nor the Shield Meter very much though ... And the fact the Shield take up a slot of the Adventure Pouch(at least in the beginning,I haven't finished it ...) bugs me too ...
I think Shields were better like they were in the past ... Only breaking if they are,for example, wooden and caught on fire ...
But that's my opinion,feel free to disagree.And what about you?
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May 26, 2010
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Both make the game conspicuously realistic, and that's sorta what critics wanted. I love the idea of an adventure pouch, because believe it or not we shouldn't be able to carry ten billion different items with us, not even with hammerspace available. I know it is fairly limiting in the beginning, but like all limitations they increase gradually overtime. The Shield Meter as well is a great addition, if one has played Twilight Princess and blocked a Darknut's swing, they'd see Link topple over slightly. I don't care who you are, Link's shield and especially the Wooden/Ordon Shield should have been broken after all that punishment. Skyward Sword does it nicely, though I dislike the Sacred Shield and its evolutions for their...effect. All in all, both are great additions to the series and I'm expecting at the very least the shield meter to return for another round. :)


Nov 11, 2011
Yeah, it's a great idea. Finally, rupees aren't overabundant. It is much more realistic, instead of Link stashing the Megaton Hammer, Slingshot, Boomerang, Bow, Lens of Truth, Hookshot, bombs, rupees, and everything in his tiny pocket.

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