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A New Beginning

Nov 26, 2008
I had a thought after completing WW for the second time just now. The entire game ended with the idea that there was going to be a new Hyrule... well, as the King of Red Lions put it, a new land that will not be Hyrule.

Do you think the next game or one of the next games will sort of begin anew with this idea? The Deku Tree states that if he keeps sprouting new forests, a new land will eventually form, so they can easily make it land based again, even with this idea.

I think this would be interesting, and perhaps one of the most intriguing directions Zelda could take. It wouldn't necessarily mean they'd have to go with the cartoon style, either, although I wouldn't mind this.

It also seems a bit likely to me, because Miyamoto said they wanted to go in a new direction with the Zelda series. Now, I'm pretty sure he was referring to gameplay and such, but he could have also been referring to something like this.



Waker of the Winds
Apr 4, 2009
I was thinking this myself a while back. I'm wondering if ST could possibly be the new Hyrule the the KoRL mentioned.

But I like the idea of them reviving the old Hyrule. It could be the next console Zelda after Wii Zelda. Like WW only with land and a darker color palette. So it would still have that awesome WW feel but not look as cartooney.

I would also like to see an adult toon Link implemented into this, but that's just me.

On the topic of Miyamoto's "new direction" I would prefer this over what other people are thinking (and fearing). It would definately be something new and never done in Zelda before, but the feel that it is Zelda would still be there.

Caleb, Of Asui

From what we know at this point, Spirit Tracks is very likely to turn out to have something to do with the new "not" Hyrule that the King of Red Lions mentioned in The Wind Waker. It's definitely not in any style other than The Wind Waker and Phanom Hourglass's style. As for Wii Zelda, I've assumed since Twilight Princess's release that that game would be a sequel to Twilight Princess.


Sage of Tales
The "not TP" thing is pretty sad... I'd hoped they'd do a little more with the Hyrule and themes of TP (since it is my personal favorite of the games), but maybe it didn't turn out to be as marketable as the others of the series?

Anyway.... New Hyrule after the Great Sea...

I'm writing a long fanficiton like that. I'm co-writing it, actually... a friend of mine have hashed out ideas, created characters, and roleplayed a general storyline. I'm doing most of the writing work on it due to her having more of a real life than I do... and my being a very twitchy person who constantly needs to be creating/working on something to be happy...

We came up with a storyline for our fic that has a mish-mashed Zelda timeline and involves a time after the Great Sea Era - the Great Sea retreated, leaving Hyrule as a vast desert (which does/has happened geologically... the great deserts of the world were all once under sea, the Sahara, the Sonoran...the mighty Atacama... hooray Geology!) Our original "Desert Hyrule" plays host to a plot that's a mix of high fantasy and... wild west... with some modern and sci fi elements dropped in for good measure. I currently have the unfinished story summarized on ff.net as "Dust and magic, swords and guns..."

Now, it's not the kind of fanfic for everyone's taste - I know that already. The whole "western" aspect is controversial - I've already had it looked at funny by a friend of mine and had the concept made fun of by people up in the shoutbox here, but my co-writer and I do have some faithful fans/readers and we've had fun/are having fun doing it. Also, it's *just* a fanfic.

I ... could see a game sort of like it being made in the future, but I actually don't want that, at least not unless my co-writer and I get paid lots of money over it... It's really one of those oddball ideas that I think is best left to fanfiction/fanwork.

I've written a *lot* of things in all the fandoms I've been involved in that I never, EVER want to see made canon.
Nov 26, 2008
Interesting, Shadsie...

But while it would be the case normally with geology and whatnot, I do not believe (at least in the official games) that the "new Hyrule" would be a desert... my reasoning is this:

In WW the Deku Tree is trying to spread forests. He states that if they keep making new forests, eventually the forests will grow and connect all the islands into one big continent. This implies to me that rather than the Great Sea receding, we're going to have a new continent form on it.

This is interesting, as it more or less means the world will get bigger, rather than just staying the same size.


Sage of Tales
I never did say that the desert would be canon, in fact, I'm emphasizing the non-canon nature of it. The situation for it's formation is a "draining of the sea" rather than any new found land or raising of land. After all, in my fanfic, people do (still) call the land "Hyrule" .... where in the "real" WW scenario, I suppose whatever came afterward would be "New Hyrule" or a land with a completely different name.

Actually, when I beat Wind Waker, my mind drifted to the ending of the Trigun Maximum manga of all thingswith that "The land will be YOUR LAND!" thhing You see, Trigun is a story with a heavy emphasis on the future and the future being open and such... there's a situation at the end of the manga series where a character is telling people that the "true name of this planet (that they are on) is No Man's Land!" because the planet/land has such an open future. The "YOUR LAND!" really reminded me of that.

Got a bit off-topic there. But yes, canonically, I imagine that the Koroks with their tree-planting will be creating a new, probably heavily forested contenient. Such a thing would make more sense with canon games, or, possibly, the discovery of something entirely new.

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