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General Zelda A More Personal Narrative-Future Friends?

A Link In Time

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Something Twilight Princess, and to a lesser extent Skyward Sword, experimented with was placing Link in the context of one or more people close to him who served as support characters and introduced another kidnapping nuance.

TP emphasized Link's struggle to rescue Ilia, Colin, and the Ordon gang from King Bulblin's clutches more than the primary story arc involving Zant and Midna until after the Lakebed Temple. Although the children were unfortunately quickly discarded, Nintendo attempted to continue the more layered plot by introducing the Resistance and highlighting their active role in the battle against Ganondorf.

Should Ninty implement a group of NPCs who assist Link during his journey once more? Did Twilight Princess strike a chord with Link's circle of friends? Or was that a "one and done" deal and you would prefer if Link rode solo?
Jan 2, 2012
I would say to definitely keep up that trend. I kind of wish they would have more interesting and cool characters than just village children or retired royal guards. (Ashei was by far the coolest of the NPC's, but unfortunately her role was pitifully small.)


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Yeah, I liked that. As big as a cliche the kidnapping is, it makes the whole thing more believable. Link isn't going to face evil just because its his destiny, he needs a more personal reason that leads into that. Suppose the Ordon kids were never kidnapped. Link might hear about all the bad things going on, but he's not going to leave his home to help people he doesn't know. There's a chance he would get killed before he got back. With his friends being in danger, he knows he has to help, and he doesn't care if he gets killed in the process. We would all be the same way.


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May 26, 2010
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DCat nailed it. No matter what the kind of plight may be, it has to be a highly personalized, believable one. And it need not serve as just drive; Nintendo should introduce some personal matters for the main character and follow through with them. This means that, should the characters involved in the personal matters appear after the initial drive is settled, there should be some dramatic shifts in behavior. Whether it is some members of a side taking alternate paths or some members even defecting and joining the enemy, it's important for the story to make the player feel genuinely involved. ;)


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Jan 16, 2013
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I agree. I'm not so much into the kidnapping as I am with Link banding together with other to defeat the evil. All the characters before TP were small characters who showed up, did their part, and left. TP gave us people we were worried about the entire game. I want a personal motivation to save someone. I don't want this to dominate the whole series. OoT is still the best game ever, and it featured little character interaction. I just want a good integration of characters throughout a game.


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Feb 6, 2013
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Only if it's done thoroughly. In TP it felt a little half-hearted and I wouldn't like to see it return if executed the same way. If there is a little more commitment to the involvement of others, then I would definitely like to see the concept return. MM still stands out as the model of NPC interaction, though, and I feel like it needs to completely envelop the game if it is going to be effective.
TP did alright with the groups that occasionally aided Link/got themselves into trouble, but really when they aren't playable, summonable etc, it really doesn't make much f a difference, it might be nice for the story and if that is the story the game in question wants to tell then so be it but if it doesnt have any impact on the gameplay then i dont really care.

if it did impact the gameplay and link could summon some buddies to blow some obstacles away then i'd rather it didnt happen, i dont like the idea, Link is a swiss army knife and can do things himself, relying on other characters would just feel too random to have them pop up from nowhere and take something out, it also isnt as fun if youre getting something else to do something for you.

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