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A Link To The Past- GBA Palette mod

Apr 6, 2015
Tired of the pink haired Link ? Me too. It was previously done on SNES but I haven't found it on GBA so here it is. The Link on the save menu will still have pink hair though, but once in ALTTP he will be dark blonde. This will affect his rabbit color too. I also updated Aghanim's palette so it matches his artwork. It will also change the King's palette seen in the intro.

Two pics so you can see :

Image 1
Image 2

The IPS patch (I recommend Lunar IPS) for the European version only (it should work with the US one though) :

IPS patch
Apr 9, 2023
It doesn't work on the US version. Please make a US version of this patch as quickly as possible.
Edit: And when you do, make Link's hair the same color as Zelda's.
Edit 2: Also, change the hats of the red and blue mail to match the color of the tunics.
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Nov 19, 2023
When I go to the other world, Rabbit Link for 1 second it turns yellow, but ends up being pink again, is this error just me or does it need an update?
Other than that it's a great mod, I can't stand pink hair link.

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