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A Fire Emblem movie/anime series?

Nintendo mentioned last year that they were going to revisit the movie business within the next 2-3 years.

While Detective Pikachu seems to be the first of these movies there will almost certainly be a Mario film as well, probably CGI like Ratchet and Clank.

But what about a Fire Emblem movie? I imagine CGI (think Smash Bros Brawl), but the series also had an anime when the original version of Shadow Dragon released, so the movie could possibly be full anime.

Or maybe FE could get an anime series to coincide with the Switch installment next year?

Fire Emblem is definitely a very important IP for Nintendo now, so what do you think the chances of an FE movie or anime series are?

Kylo Ken

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Aug 10, 2011
I don't think so, I feel a FE movie would be treated like Warcraft, which wasn't very good.
I don't think so, I feel a FE movie would be treated like Warcraft, which wasn't very good.

I would hope that these movie would be mostly in Nintendo's hands much like how Capcom does the CGI Resi films or how Square did Advent Children and Kingsglaive...

Though i dont think we're lucky enough for that. I doubt Nintendo have the manpower/budget etc to produce movies themselves.


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There was already a failed attempt at an OVA based on Mystery of the Emblem: Book 1, the game which was later remade as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. It resulted in only 2 of the planned 30 episodes (For Book 1).

However, elements from the anime had influence on Shadow Dragon. It's likely because of this anime Nintendo specifically sought out Masamune Shirow (Creator of Ghost in the Shell) to produce the graphics, artwork, and cutscene CGs for Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (respectively). And yes, he did in fact end up having most of the artistic direction control for the Marth remakes, and Echoes is specifically made to pay homage to the artstyle of FE11/12 due to Echoes taking place between and being directly connected to 11 and 12 (as a full trilogy).

It also was the source of FE11's design for Cornelius, who was previously a completely unseen character in FE1 and FE3, and gave the idea for the prologue of FE11 even though the Prologue is not a straight adaption and is, instead, a new scenario that actually contradicts the OVA and is merely similar in setting.

Echoes itself also is being produced by a relatively famous anime studio: Studio Khara. Fire Emblem Echoes will be Studio Khara's first ever work on a video game of any sort, so Fire Emblem is starting to have pretty strong (legitiment, not just "oh it looks like anime") ties to anime as an industry once again.

In other words, the chances of Studio Khara making a Fire Emblem OVA again to try and do-over the failed one are now pretty ****ing high. And here's how it's most likely going to play out if it does happen-

Studio Khara is most likely to produce the anime, and the anime will be an OVA adaption of FE11- Shadow Dragon- as the game is a remake of FE3 Book 1- in other words, a do over of the first OVA, but actually being finished and being based on the updated DS remake instead of the original version.

Then, a tie in adaption of Fire Emblem Echoes would be the next logical step, followed by an adaption of Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow/FE12, to form a trilogy of OVAs focusing on Archanea, Valentia, and the story of Marth and Camus. This seems exceptionally plausible due to the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes.

After that, if the OVA is successful, it's plausible they'd adapt the Jugdral/SNES games next, followed by the GBA games (7, 6, and 8, in that order) and Tellius. Then they'd possibly adapt Fire Emblem Awakening, and Fates is where it's anyone's guess due to the multiple path approach to it- perhaps we'd get 2 parallel OVAs, one for Birthright and one for Conquest, followed by an OVA of Revelation?
Aug 18, 2019
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I think there are enough 3DS owners here to warrant a thread. My first introduction to the series was through the Ambassador Program, in which Sacred Stones was one of the free titles. Cant believe its taken me this long to try it out, for the most part I love the game. Due to this I think Im going to pick up Awakening as well. Even though I know virtually nothing about the story.


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Jan 29, 2011
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I feel like it would have to be an anime. Personally, the thing that drives me to FE is the characters. The support conversations. How well-rounded they (usually) are. Their interactions. The size of the cast and their relationships in this series is bigger than just about any other franchise I can think of that isn't a 30-year-old soap opera.
Making it a series would give them time to flesh out more characters, give us those interactions we so crave, and still tell a story. I feel like they'd start with Awakening, but honestly I'd prefer giving it to Blazing Blade to start out with. I personally feel like that's the best cast out of any Fire Emblem game.

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