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Zelda Art A Fairy's Tale (fanfic)

February Eve

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Mar 21, 2010
I always err on the side of caution and rate my fics PG. A small story in the Ocarina of Time setting that I had to get off my mind before I wrote anything else.

A Fairy’s Tale​

The young fairy sat at the edge of the fountain. Fairies did not sparkle when their wings were not moving, and she did not feel like calling attention to herself. She was found anyway.

“Come join us!” the second fairy chirped, hovering, and the other sighed. She knew from experience that humans thought all fairies looked the same, just a soft pastel glow. But it doesn’t matter what race you are; a person can always recognize family.

“No thanks,” she said, and her sister twinkled disapprovingly at her.

“You complain about not having friends, but how do you expect to make any if you don’t hang out with us?” Without waiting for an answer, her sister flew back to the group. The other fairy sighed and stood up.

And then flew away. Not only was her sister used to it, but it was probably expected by now.


It wasn’t easy being a regular fairy. Healing fairies, like her sisters, got all the glory. And at least companion fairies had a lifelong friend who thought they were the most important being on earth.

It may have been easier had she been human. Even if some humans didn’t know who their parents were, they knew they had them. Fairies were created – by who, she wasn’t sure, but being created implies there should be a purpose behind her existence.

Her sisters were sisters by virtue of the fact that they all appeared at same great fairy’s fountain on the same day. Three of them were healing fairies, and another was immediately sent to partner with one of the Kokiri. She herself was told to wait.

“For what?” she asked.

“You’ll know when the time comes,” was the answer. She’d returned to the great fairy fountain several times since, worried that she’d missed a sign, but each time the answer was the same.

“Patience,” she was told. “Destiny doesn’t unravel in a day.”

But what does a fairy without an assignment do with herself?


At the tender age of one month, she decided to travel. Her sisters were horrified.

“You’ll be captured and displayed as a pet!” one squeaked.

“Do you know what scientists do to fairies?” another shuddered.

“Are you crazy? Do you want to be bottled?” a third asked.

But as she set out, she found that the biggest problem in her journeys was that humans thought every fairy was a healing fairy. Most of it was silly. “Come back, I hit my thumb!” they shouted after her when she flew away. She learned to avoid them for the most part.

But she was not prepared for the first time she came across one seriously wounded. “Please…” The man cried out as she flew out of reach. “Why won’t you help me?”

“I don’t have those powers, really,” she said, stricken. “But I will find someone who can.”

She’d flown as fast as she could to the nearest healing fountain, though fairies lucky enough to be assigned to a fountain were reluctant to leave. One of them finally took pity on her and followed.

But she couldn’t find the man again. “Are you lost?” the other fairy asked. “These woods can be like a maze.”

“I know he was here,” she said, fluttering around the brush with worry.

“Then it’s possible he was…taken,” the native fairy said gently. “These woods are enchanted. They can be very unkind to humans without magic protection.”

She’d run away without saying thanks, but she doubted the other fairy minded. Fairies didn’t tend to question each other’s tears.


She saw forests and lakes, mountains, and even the castle. At the latter, she discovered another great fairy. She was shocked, having never realized that they had sisters of their own. Unsure if this great fairy knew her history, she asked another question instead.

“Can a regular fairy ever become a healing fairy?”

“No more than you can change the color of your glow,” the great fairy said gently. “Stay strong. You are on the right path.”

She was polite to her as she flew away, despite a mutter under her breath at a safe distance, “How can you tell?”

One day she came across a man being attacked by a keese. She felt sorry for him; he was obviously inexperienced to be having trouble with such a basic beast. On impulse, she flew at the creature.

“Just aim at me!” she cried. The man looked unsure, and she rolled her eyes, not that he could see. “I’m quick, I promise you won’t hurt me.”

He obeyed her, and she finally discovered a talent. She didn’t even need to dodge; by instinct, she found she could direct the arrow away from herself and toward the keese. What kind of cruel joke was this? Fairies aided in battle by healing, not by participating.

The man thanked her profusely as she drifted off, wondering.


The more she traveled, the more she saw pieces of the world growing darker. Creatures who had always been predators began to expand their territory. In other areas, innocent shrubs and flowers were bewitched to more sinister versions of themselves.

Hunting parties were dispatched to take care of the creatures who grew more brazen in their attempts to approach living areas. Often she felt equal sympathy for the hunters wounded in battles and the monsters whose true nature had been corrupted, but with her newfound talent, she would give her assistance to the hunters. It was better for the enemies’ spirits to be released in death than bound to evil.

Considering the expanse of her travels, it was almost inevitable that she would one day come across one of the perpetrators of the corruption. It came in the form of a stalchild leaning over one of the blossoms in Hyrule field. She wasn’t sure what the dust in its hand did, but she knew it couldn’t be anything good.

“Hey!” she shouted. “Pick on someone your own size!”

She flew at it. It tried to swat her, but she zoomed from side to side, making it turn in circles to keep its eyes on her. Dizzy, it dropped the powder in its hand. She switched tactics and used her wings as a fan to cause it to blow it away, bits of it falling on herself in the process.

Whatever it was, it burned. The flower was saved and she couldn’t help the stalchild on her own anyway. She raced toward her home fountain instead. The pain increased, and she grew weary, but she forced herself forward. She would not become one of the dark’s victims.

She was ready to pass about by the time she finally arrived home. So she did.


Her great fairy smiled down upon her when she awoke, the pain dispersed from her mind like a dream. “You’ve had a hard journey,” the great fairy said.

She cautiously got up. Her mind and body felt whole, and most importantly, she felt like herself. “Thank you for saving me,” she said.

“You are welcome,” the great fairy said. “If you would like, you can repay me by seeking the source of life. He has called for you.”

“Why are you and your sisters so cryptic? Why can’t you just say the Great Deku Tree?” She sighed, and was surprised at the great fairy’s smile.

“You have often asked me for answers,” the great fairy said, “But you never thought that you might not be asking the right source. Have faith.”


She was intrigued, but traveled to Kokiri forest more out of a sense of obligation than belief. All she’d known from birth had been how to search; she wondered if finding an answer would feel as real.

She’d already come across the Great Deku Tree once in her journeys. He’d been sleeping at the time; the other fairies in the meadow had told her it was how he communicated with the earth and that he may not awake for days. He was alert now, however, though he looked plenty tired.

“Your timing is perfect,” he told her. “I have a request of you. But first, I believe you have questions.”

Despite her years of wondering, as she gazed upon him she found herself asking an entirely different question than she intended. “Did you create me?”

He smiled. “Fairies and Kokiri are closely linked. I am your guardian. I have been watching over you during this time,” he said. “But no, I am not your creator.”

It was odd how answers could create more questions. “Why were you watching me?”

“Because the path you have tread to come here has been more important than you would believe yourself,” the Great Deku Tree said. “Tell, me what have you seen on your journeys?”

She thought about it. She’d seen the best of nature and the worst of it. “I’ve been all over the world. I’d be surprised if I had not seen every race and creature in every region.”

“Which makes you uniquely talented for the task I have for you,” the Great Deku Tree said. “Right now in Kokiri forest is a boy who, much like you, does not realize what role destiny has in store for him. You have the knowledge to help him. Together, you have the ability change the history of Hyrule.”

His words took her by surprise. She’d always wanted to do more than drift from place to place. But it was a bit much to go from no assignment to changing history in one instant. Disbelief arose in her again as she flitted about in confusion.

“I don’t understand,” she said. “Why me?”

“Because in your heart you possess the same strength as the boy you will lead. You don’t have to believe it now,” he said shrewdly, and she flushed slightly. “You will someday. Do you accept your duty?”

Regardless of her doubts, she would have a purpose – and hopefully, a friend. “I do,” she said without hesitation.

“Then go find the boy without a fairy,” he said, “And bring him back to me.”

She’d always thought her journey would lead her to a destination. But as she flew off to fulfill his request, calling out as she began to search, she had the thought that it was only just beginning.
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Master Swordsman
Jun 28, 2010
Nice, I've never thought about why navi got the boy without a fairy, link.


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
Nice story February, it really gives Navi a sort of backstory as to who she was and how she was found by the Great Deku Tree. Love it:D


Game Over
Nov 9, 2009
Land of Shattered Hopes
I loved it. It fills in the gap of why Navi was chosen and given to Link, rather than the Deku Tree picking someone random and telling them to help Link.

It was really nice. I give it a 10/10 rating

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