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A Ds Homebrew Zelda



All right, I realist that I wasnt realy clear about everything, so I will tell you everything now.

Story: at the begining of the game, Liink gets a thelepatical message of Oot link. He tells that he died bevore he defeated gannondorf, but that zelda make him allive again with the ocarina of time. But, that splitted him into 2 parts: link, and dead link. Dead link called himself the fallen one, and wanted to defeat Hyrule, because he thinks it was the folt of Zelda that he was not allive again. He coud travel between worlds, but not to the world of the living. From Gannondorf and zand he learned powerful dark magic, and from some sort of dark fairy a spell to travel to the world of the living. He recruited spirits of dead people and wants to start a war against hyrule in 1 day. Whille he is telling this, he teleports link 7 years into the future. Than he says he has to find a cave in wich he hide his equiqment. As link gets in the cave, he vinds Navi, and the kokiri sword. Navi tells him what happened into the years he was away. the kokiri are all turned into stone. The only save human place is kakariko village. she dont now what happened to the gorons. The zoras ware attacked, and the humans ware to afraid to help them, so the zoras that survived are realy mad on the hylians. Than she tells that the fallen one has splitted his spirit into 6 parts that all are hided into caves and dungeons. She tells also that the spitis are familair to bosses he have fighted bevore. Than the game really starts.

dungeons: forest temple, flooded goron mines, maze of the gerudos, fire cave, fallen tower
bosses: Shadow Gohma, Shadow king Dodongo, Shadow Moldorm, shadow Zelda, shadow beast, the fallen one
Items: torch, bow, boomerang, bombs, shockwave hammer
equiment: kokiri sword, zoras sword, zoras flippers, fire amulet, wizards mask,
Spells: firebolt, lightning, aurabeam
minidungeons: gerudo traininggrounds, zora's Island

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