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3Ds Vs Vita


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
Ugh, is this another pointless fanboy war? Each system is unique and has their own innovations. Yeah, one cost more but it also has more power. The Vita is amazing in it's own right and so is the 3DS. The 3DS gives us 3D gaming which really enhances the experience and gyro-controls along with a touch screen. They also added a slider which was a good move since we are now playing actual 3D games as seen on consoles. The Vita is a lot more powerful and has it's own set of innovations that are pretty damn good. It also has two sliders which the 3DS will soon have. What really matters here is the games. The 3DS has some very good games out and announced while the Vita seems to have a good library of it's own from what we know. So what the hell is the big deal here? "Oh this one cost more!" "This one has better graphics!" Shut the hell up! If you like games you'd be interested in what both systems have to offer. What are we getting out of this? Pointless arguing? This is really getting old.

And seriously. How many more threads are we gonna have about this?

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