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Ocarina of Time 3D: Amazing Addition, or Waste of Money?

3D- good call, or waste of money

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Hero of Time
Jan 30, 2011
Personally I don't care much for it as I've never been a fan of 3D and Im DEFINITELY not ready to shell out like 300 bucks for a handheld yet....Eventually I'll pick it up but honestly it's not like we already don't know the plot of the game or anything like that. I understand that there will be additions to the game like new things to discover and I do agree the graphics look amazing but I have the original and its good enough for me :) The original is a game that will always stay close to my heart for as long as I live because of the magic that it portrays...I'd love to try the 3D version of the game but I'm not hyped as much as I am for Skyward Sword...


Apr 5, 2011
Korova Milkbar
I am going to play it but what would REALLY make it worth playing is Ura Zelda. If they put that it in I would be a lot more excited for it.

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