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3 Heart Runs?



I've attempted several Three Heart Runs, but most of them were unsucessful.
I've always enjoyed the challenge though, and I keep trying to complete the ones that are slightly more difficult.

I'm thinking of attempting a few more 3 heart runs, but, that'll be when I get some time!


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I'm currently trying OoT with the 3-heart challenge. I only just got to Kakariko, so I'm clearly just starting, but I think it could be fun.
Doubt I'd beat Ganon though. I have enough difficulty with that battle even with several hearts.

Waker of winds

Finally playing PH!
Jun 9, 2009
Mexico, si señor.
I never ever tried it, but it could be a good thing to do when I'm looking for something new in the games. Is really that hard:huh:?

If it is then I must get prepared, because I tend to get every heart I can, so I never had any problems with low health.

It does sound interesting. So, maybe I'll try it next week. It's a perfect opportunity to use my new Virtual Console OoT and MM games.


Crawfish Prime
Jul 8, 2009
New Zealand
I wouldn't try a 3 heart run on any of the older games, but a 3 heart run on TP and TWW is a good amount of fun.

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