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2016: Huge Year For Gaming

I meant the pokemon comparison
Ah. Well, in pokemon you want to find as many objects(in this case, The various pokemon) and when you find them they get catalogued so you can like collect them and that is sort of what you can do in No mans sky except with planets except pokemon.


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Sep 1, 2008
Wait, games are coming out this year? I've been living under a rock, so I wouldn't really know about what games are coming out. Hmmm.... Let's see:

Final Fantasy XV, a game that's been in development since 2006, is finally ...
After the debacle that was Final Fantasy XIII it's really hard for me to be excited about another Final Fantasy game. Although I did enjoy Final Fantasy XIII-2, I thought Lightning Returns was horrible. Seeing Square-Enix's track record, I'm not entirely convinced that FFXV is going to be amazing. Hopefully they'll prove me wrong.

Persona IV came out in ...
If only I could get into the Persona games! I actually own Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Portable. Unfortunately as you grow older, you have less time to devote to video games. I just can't get into games any more that require hundreds of hours of my time. Otherwise I would be pretty excited about this one.

Zelda U of course ...

The Last Guardian will excite Ico and Shadow of the Colossus fans everywhere, with Team Ico's incredible storytelling ...
Lol, watch this one be delayed again. It wouldn't surprise me actually, ahah. I've been waiting a looooooooong time for this game. So long in fact that the trailer they showed at E3 last year didn't really do much to me. I'll still probably end up buying this one, but you have admit that the endless amount of delays hurt this game's reputation. Don't get me wrong: I loved Team ICO's previous games. Shadow of the Colossus is a masterpiece in my humble opinion.

For any Zero Escape fans ...
Now THIS is a game I'm excited about this year. Holy crap. I finally finished Virtue's Last Reward earlier this year and I'm so looking forward to the closing game in the trilogy. Really excited about this one!.:D

Dragon Quest XI is coming ...
Always kinda disliked these games, lol. Then again, never really invested much time in them.

Dark Souls is a franchise that has taken off recently ,,,
Me playing Dark Souls II:

Hey this game is pretty cool! Hmmm, I wonder what that thing is over there? Maybe I should go chec-- *killed*

Honestly these games are too hard for me, lol.

Mass Effect 4 was a game a lot of people were't even ...
Still need the second game in the trilogy. T_T


That really is a pretty good line-up of games. Huh, maybe I'll actually get to finish some more games this year. Thing is: I end up buying a lot of games, but I hardly ever finish any of them. A lot of the time I tell myself that I'll finish them later, but I never do. D: It just feels nice to have the games in my collection. Oh, if only I stll had the same amount of free time like I used to, lol.

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