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2011 Video Music Awards


The Missing Link
Feb 22, 2011
Fighting Alongside Link
So, tonight was the VMAs (Video Music Awards), and it was EPIC! This is the place where you can talk about the VMAs, what you thought, who you thought should've won, etc.

The greatest thing I think at the VMAs was the Hunger Games trailer. :nod: It looked REALLY cool, better than I imagined. Also, Katy Perry won Video of the Year (EPIC!), Justin Bieber won Best Male singer (hooray for him! :yes: :clap:), and so much more! I'm actually very proud of Justin Bieber, I mean, he's been in the music business for less than a year and he's already won an award. That's pretty amazing! And also, Beyonce announced she's pregnant. So... yeah. Interesting stuff this year.

So, yeah. Go ahead and discuss the VMAs!!

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