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20 years of Ocarina of Time


My earliest memories are of Zelda and I loved ALttP as an evolution of the NES games but I didn't know the meaning of evolution until OoT blew my mind.

I remember everything feeling so big, it felt as if I'd be playing it my entire life just to finish it...

My favourite memory of OoT was seeing the TV commercial set to Riddle of Steel. God damn what a time to be alive. So hyped and I was so glad to see a Nintendo product on TV. They usually get shafted in the UK.

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Oct 31, 2018
you gotta love Zelda, I came in late to the game. but it's what got me my Zelda joy. and then the save function stopped working. drat.

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We need a full HD remake for the 25th anniversary.

Honestly, I got stuck on this game so early on when I was little. I couldn't figure out that you needed to break the web Inside the Deku Tree to get to the basement floors.

I finally ended up beating OoT a few years later. The Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, and final boss battle are some of my fondest memories of the game.
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Jan 30, 2011
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When I was a kid, I didn't know what was going on. I just liked running around in the bushes and collected rupees.
Once I walked into the Lost Woods and went into the bushes. Came across a Wolfos.
Scarred for life I was.


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Jul 6, 2011
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It was my first game and the first game I saw played by someone else. It looked absolutely mind blowing to someone who had never seen a video game before and I remember thinking how real the graphics looked.

Playing it for the first time I got this sense of wonder at this new and magical world which I had to explore. I had no idea about the restrictions of the game or how big game worlds could be or how big this one was. It was all new and exciting. And I wss able to totally immerse myself in this magical exciting and at times very frightening place. OoT appeals to all the emotions and encompasses all genres to an extent and is not one particular thing. There is adventure and fantasy but also horror and sadness too. I spent much of my childhood dreaming and daydreaming about being in Hyrule and even a lot of my nightmares were Zelda themed.

Hyrule was definitely a frightening place for me especially at first as it took me a while to find the courage to pass the first Deku Babas. But nothing will compare to the first time I encountered a ReDead. There I was innocently pulling back gravestones and then I find this hole into the earth which of course I jumped down. I saw what looked like this brown man so of course I approached to speak to him and then I get screamed at and then molested to death... I was scarred for life after that. And certainly was hesitant about anywhere I heard those terrible moans again.

Still despite the traumatic experiences OoT has influenced my life in a major and positive way, starting my love for the series and similar fantasy games and inspiring my creativity. I would certainly not be the same person I am today without OoT so I am very thankful for the game and it holds a special place in my heart.


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Apr 4, 2012
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I will always remember OOT, since it was my first Zelda-game. Before that, I didn't even know the franchise existed. Hell, I didn't even know Mario existed, I'd only played childrens games for PC until that christmas where me and my brother got a used N64 with OOT, Super Mario 64, Aeroguage and Rush.
The first playthrough, my dad was playing while me and my brother watched and tried to help with the puzzles. I still remember the name of the save file, Strapp XD

The first time I played it myself, I mainly remember being all shaky after any of the boss fights, I was literally trembeling after focusing so hard!


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May 5, 2012
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I've heard of this game from the trophy descriptions in melee and was so so curious about the game, but it wasn't until when I played brawl in 2008 that I tried it out through the masterpieces demos
it was.....yup, those are definitely older graphics

eventually I bought it on the wii virtual console, and it was good but I just couldn't shake the thought that it felt like a watered down version of twilight princess, even though I was fully aware this where twilight princess basically came from, this was also my first n64 game in that regard and despite initial thoughts of disappointment, it turned out pretty good, but it wasn't beating the gamecube zeldas for me
of course I realize it was a big landmark for gaming, but my initial impressions were that of someone who grew up at a later time looking back, though I did at least talk about this game w/ my friend who had also gotten it on virtual console

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Here is my own experience. OoT landed in front of me coincidentally. It was the first videogame I ever saw and played.

The first week when I was adopted, my Aunt and Uncle didn't have a bed in the room that was going to be mine. So during that time I was staying in my youngest cousin's room. The Nintendo 64 was hooked up in there. While my cousins were at school, my aunt and uncle at work, I went up there while the lady that was babysitting was on the phone.

I fumbled around with the N64 and the TV, I had no idea what I was really doing, but I got it to work. There I was, watching the opening cinematic for OoT.

It was so intriguing. I don't think I got that feeling again until TP's opening cinematic. Anyway, I ended up deleting a save file, made a new one, and just ran around aimlessly. I didn't make it out of the Forest. I didn't even get past Mido to speak with the Deku Tree. Regardless, I enjoyed every second of it.

My cousins were mad that I deleted the save file (I never had a good relationship with them anyway, and it wasn't because I deleted that save file) I was 4 years old though. :shrugs:

We ended up getting another N64 though, and once my cousins played their fill of OoT, I took the game and played it.

I got through the Child segment, but got stuck in the Forest Temple. I spent most of the time I played running around Hyrule feild with no destination in mind, I remember feeling like it was huge even without any other reference to go by.

I didn't beat the game until I was 8 years old, and I beat it on the Gamecube Collector's Edition disc. It remains my favorite Zelda game, Majora's Mask being so close.
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Apr 10, 2017
Not necessarily the game, but the game was a part of it.

The summer I got it, I just remember how bright it was and I could feel the cool air from outside. That smell of cool air is really nice. I remember these things most when I play the game.


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Jul 19, 2016
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I sure was immersed in the game of Ocarina of Time back when I was in Elementary school even though I wasn't able to get far into it until high school. but I just love the feeling of escaping from reality, fangirling over Link and even being so immersed that I was unaware of the real world like up late one time and the other time I was feeling the warmth of Hyrule when it was cold in real life while snowing outside.
Oct 31, 2018
Hyrule Castle
Ocarina of Time came out the year I was born, I'm so happy and lucky we're the same age :)
When I was very young, my uncles would visit my parents and I and they'd often play on the N64, Ocarina of time being one of their favorites. Out of all the games I'd play on the N64, Ocarina of time was special, it felt like I was reuniting with a good friend even though it was new to me. Being a little kid, I didn't understand a lot of the story so I messed around in Hyrule field 90% of the time - but when I got a little older I began to actually play through the game and read the subtitles, and I developed a deeper appreciation for it. Playing through it the very first time was really magical. Opening the door of time, becoming an adult, acquiring Epona, discovering and exploring the land of Hyrule, etc. Every time I finished a dungeon/temple and I earned a medallion, it felt so satisfying because of the music and how rewarding it felt to save lives and defeat evil in that area. To be honest, every moment of that game is memorable to me. I'm thankful for Ocarina of Time because it was the first open world game I ever played, and it was a very good game for it's time.


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Jun 22, 2016
I remember my bro playing it and I watched offereing advice 'maybe jump there' then later I played but I would have to get him to beat the monsters cuz I was a wimp!

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