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  1. Zelda206

    Zelda206's Art

    Below consists the following of personal artwork that I have created and posted on Deviantart under my username "Zelda206". If you like what you see and are interested in a commission, I do them for minimal fees via Paypal (fees contrasting depending on level of complexity); I no longer accept...
  2. Zelda206

    The True Worth of a Rupee

    After playing through Breath of the Wild and witnessing its many glorious marvels and mechanics, I remember reviving the power of the Fairies at each spring and began to wonder "why do they need money for this?". As such, it got me thinking and brainstorming on what the true worth of a rupee...
  3. Zelda206

    Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction: "SPECIALIS"

    SPECIALIS Chapter One: "Life Gives You Lemons" Rating: PG-13 Game: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Overview: A grand fantastical adventure starring a human named "Jacqueline" from Earth, plucked from her chosen path and thrust into an unforgettable journey of destiny, sacrifice, and...
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