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zelda games

  1. Echolight

    Which Zelda game would you want to be made into an anime?

    We already have Legend of Zelda manga, but what about anime? What Zelda game would you want to be made into an anime the most? Do you want a giant series of anime covering all the games in timeline order, or something else? I feel like Twilight Princess would make a great anime to me. I don’t...
  2. Echolight

    Should some future Zelda Games have a different main playable character?

    All Zelda games so far has had the main playable character be Link. Should a game change it up? Should it instead be about a Gerudo, or a Zora? Or just a different Hylian? What do you think of this? I personally am fine with it, but not that energetic about it. Link being the main character is...
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