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  1. D

    Top three games that had an impact on you(of the current and previous gen)

  2. G

    Breath of the Wild Here is a great botw documentary/theory!

    Here is a great botw documentary/theory! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNPTGQGe9RU&t=2077s Credits to Nintendoblackcrisis.
  3. If (Fi's brother)

    SSHD What would this game be like if they made it more like WW?

    Now that we turned the cassette to Side B from my other thread: What would this game be like if they had taken the WW approach more directly? I imagine Link would have a lot more facial animation and they'd made the sky not so barren with a lot of 'Lumpy Pumpkin' kind of places. (I never played...
  4. The Bread Pirate

    Breath of the Wild vs. The Original Legend of Zelda (VIDEO)

  5. Ricardo Paez

    Zelda Reimagined/remake Project

    Hello guys! My brother and me are making a project about reimagining Zelda rooms from older games. Is not all about the graphic fidelity but about the concept, for this all the 3D assets are done from scratch to match the desired design and concept. (We don't have any super powerful computer so...
  6. The Bread Pirate

    Zelda Mods Destroyed Me and My Brother's Relationship

    I am doing a series on a mod called Relics of the Past for BotW. It adds tons of guardians and golden enemies to the game, so it's very deadly.
  7. A

    Breath of the Wild Fandub

    Hello there everyone! As you can tell, my username is ActingAlpaca, but you can just call me Sim. I've been interested in creating audio-dramas and fan-dub projects for a while, and wanted to do one centering around LoZ. I've been looking at the different Zelda games, and have decided to go with...
  8. Stormageden747

    Favorite Video Game?

    Why is this not a thread? The tile explains it all. What is your favorite video game? My favorite is BotW. I love the combat, story, and the open world. It's by far my most played game. Just that story though I love it, but so many hate it. :suspicious:
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