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  1. Lambsquirt

    Tears of the Kingdom [Spoiler] Koume and Kotake in "Tears of the Kingdom"? (Past)

    Are these 2 Gerudo "Koume and Kotake"?
  2. H

    The Legend of Zelda What are the meanest/*****iest/sassiest things Link has ever said in canon(game or otherwise)?

    So, I'm doing a thing, and I was thinking about it, and for a relatively silent guy who can be kinda mean and crucify Koroks, I don't think he has enough dialogue options to bully npcs. Especially in TotK. So why don't we talk about the meanest things Link has ever said, and also the funniest...
  3. C

    Tears of the Kingdom Detailed quest order roadmap or outline for structured play?

    I love the game so much and am having a LOT of fun but my adhd brain is a little overwhelmed by all the freedom and I think I’d REALLY enjoy the game with a bit more structure. SO, I’m wondering if anyone has seen a parsed out narrative-guided quest roadmap, the more detailed the better. I am...
  4. Fun Link

    Tears of the Kingdom How much zonainte is in the depths?

    So I just did a full run for zonaite, i have every lightroot and went to every mine that was close to a light root, I also had in my majora’s mask and pillaged any close monster mining operation.. I came out with a total of 840(ish) zonaite! bit this will vary based on how much of the depths...
  5. Fun Link

    Tears of the Kingdom Ideal # & type of tank weapons

    Hey y’all, my first post to this forum, pretty happy I just beat the game in totk, now that the story is all done I can start more playing around. one of my goals is to make the “perfect” tank. and I’d like some feedback and recommendations. I define “perfect” to be a design that moves around...
  6. Milito

    Tears of the Kingdom Finally 100% of 100% of TotK

    Finally complete the 100% of the map D: !! I finally reach that 100% after 3 days of 2.5% missing... the closer i was the far i feel, but finally is done. Thanks to @rogério in the discord server who found my 3 last missing locations. And thanks to all the support and the comunity work and care...
  7. TabuuTKS22

    A Possibile Sequel to Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    References:- Breath of The Wild, Age of Calamity, All The Trailer of Tears of The Kingdom we got until 15 April 2023 It's 3:00 AM at my place and while in excitement for Tears of The Kingdom a Theory struck my mind that a sequel to Age of Calamity is Possible Let Me Explain In BOTW Link...
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