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  1. T

    Unique Zelda Timeline Theory

    I have an interesting theory regarding the Zelda Timeline, and I want to hear what other people think of it. A lot of people may not like it, but it fixes all the contradictions (at least the ones I’m aware of). And with the kinds of movies and such coming out now, I’m surprised no one else has...
  2. MapelSerup

    Analyzing the Various Theories Explaining BOTW’s Timeline Placement

    -Eiji Aonuma on the decision to not designate a spot in the timeline BOTW’s placement in the story is a hotly debated topic. With no real input from the developers besides it being at the end of the timeline, it’s specific situation is up for debate. I’d like to compile all the evidence we have...
  3. TGTelescope


    It has been a while since the timeline was first released, but I keep hearing arguments about which timeline is 'right'. I plan to fix this with a timeline I see as right as its ONE TIMELINE NOT 3. Here it is. If you need clarification don't be afraid to ask I'll explain everything but it should...
  4. D

    Timeline Theories

    Since the release of Hyrule Historia, timeline theorizing has taken a massive hit in the Zelda community. The book introduced its own official timeline, and, bar some minor tweaking with the inclusion of new entries, it has been endorsed with no change by Nintendo every step of the way, from the...
  5. M

    My way to play all zeldas on 2018

    This is how I want to play all the games using the least amount of consoles possible, but in the best way, in an accessible way and without having to invest in retro gaming. Singular Timeline: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword- Wii U(wiiVC) The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap -...
  6. lance9384

    Disputing the Downfall timeline

    I'm making a bold accusation that the developers/writers of Hyrule Historia came up with a creative but less realistic way to explain the fallen hero branch of the timeline (which contains the classic Zelda titles). The Official Explanation: Rather than Adult Link defeating Ganon, he is...
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