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  1. Jimmu

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD: Motion vs Button Controls

    A pretty significant gripe for many people playing the Wii release of Skyward Sword was obviously the motion controls. Despite the claimed accuracy improvements of the Wii Motion Plus, many still felt like the controls still didn't work well and/or that they just wanted to have an option to use...
  2. Jimmu

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Amiibo Support

    According to the Nintendo eShop listing on the Switch, Skyward Sword HD will have Amiibo support (source). Are you happy or upset about this, and how do you predict that Amiibo will be used in the game? Will we see any new amiibo, like perhaps a Loftwing? (or a Groose with his pompadour...)...
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