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  1. Echolight

    Rate the Song Above You

    I'll go first:
  2. GoronGainz

    Is there a remix of a song prefer to the original?

    Can be any kind of music.
  3. GoronGainz

    What song do you listen to for motivation?

    When you're feeling a little sluggish, don't have a lot of energy but still yearn to not waste the day. What song pumps you up? What song get's you going not all the time but when you just need that little bit of oomph? Can be from a band, an anime, a movie, videogame or anything?
  4. HenrikoMagnifico

    Tri Force Heroes The most beautiful Zelda song?

    Hello! I've been making lists of my favorite VGM for years, and I've finally concluded which song in the Zelda series is the most beautiful (in my opinion). It was really hard to decide, and I was going between Zelda's Lullaby and Song of Healing - until I finally decided. The result was...
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