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skyward sword hd

  1. cruisercrusher

    Skyward Sword How tall is the giant Goddess Statue in Skyward Sword?

    I'm really curious as to what the estimated actual height of the giant statue of Hylia from Skyward Sword might be. Unfortunately math and numbers are not my strong suit, and I have no clue how to go about figuring out what its height is or what unit of measurement to even use. It's mostly to...
  2. PeterHDPlay

    Peter Plays Zelda Youtube

    Hi all, As the signature says, I'm a newly hooked Zelda fan, but I did start a YouTube Channel on Zelda Games. First challenge: beat Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch while completing the game 100% without dying, so you get to see the secret ending! Here's part one of that adventure...
  3. If (Fi's brother)

    SSHD What would this game be like if they made it more like WW?

    Now that we turned the cassette to Side B from my other thread: What would this game be like if they had taken the WW approach more directly? I imagine Link would have a lot more facial animation and they'd made the sky not so barren with a lot of 'Lumpy Pumpkin' kind of places. (I never played...
  4. GrooseIsLoose

    SSHD Those who haven't played Skyward Sword

    For those who haven't played Skyward Sword, How much are you hyped for SS HD? Why haven't you tried SS? If HD hadn't been announced would you have gone for SS?
  5. Jimmu

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Forum

    The Link's Awakening Switch Forum has been retired and replaced by this new Skyward Sword HD Forum. Compared to forums for new Zelda games this one may be more short-lived, however hopefully it can serve as a good place for some Skyward Sword related discussion on more topics as we get closer to...
  6. Jimmu

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD: Motion vs Button Controls

    A pretty significant gripe for many people playing the Wii release of Skyward Sword was obviously the motion controls. Despite the claimed accuracy improvements of the Wii Motion Plus, many still felt like the controls still didn't work well and/or that they just wanted to have an option to use...
  7. Jimmu

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Amiibo Support

    According to the Nintendo eShop listing on the Switch, Skyward Sword HD will have Amiibo support (source). Are you happy or upset about this, and how do you predict that Amiibo will be used in the game? Will we see any new amiibo, like perhaps a Loftwing? (or a Groose with his pompadour...)...
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