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  1. Storm

    The Legend of Rasul: The Shadows of The Twilight

    (Just a Placeholder for now. will edit OP when I have first Chapter)
  2. Storm

    The Legend of Rasul: Whispers of the Dead ♠

    Rasul awakes in a dark void, his naked old form on the floor. he notices he has both his hands again before walking forward for what seems like forever. he feels relieved. to his left he sees Scath for a split second before he is pulled back to the mortal realm. Rasul finally realized the...
  3. Storm

    Legend of Rasul: Whispers of the Dead SU [High Rasuliverse Lore]

    The Death of Rasul due to the evnts of Dystopis sent Rasul to the Land of The Dead, where he must atone for his sins by defeating Literal demons in a Gauntlet that will have him bounce around the Timelines of Zelda. so lets begin Name: Age: [Not the Age you died. the Age you were at your peak...
  4. Storm

    Shadows Of The Twilight-RP

    (@YIGAhim I suggest you at least Read Post Apoc and Reboot before Posting, so you are not lost in references, story points or anything) Ordin-Bashir Ordona Province 8th of Summer, 575 Cataclysm's Eve Rasul woke up alone... was it a full moon last night? No matter. He walks downstairs and...
  5. Storm

    Shadows of The Twilight Sign Up

    Well,Here we are The Next Chapter of the Rasuliverse. This one will take place around the Time of Twilight Princess. The world is scarred from the Destruction of the Hands of Chaos. an Heir from across the sea claimed the Throne of Hyrule, as the People from Holodrum and Labrynna immigrated in...
  6. Storm

    Realmwalker (IV) Sign up

    The first RP in the Dark God Timeline when Link defeated Ganon, he said that he hasn't seen the last of him. It is up to us to save Hyrule Name: Age: Race: Gender: Base Class: Weapon of Choice: Appearence: Personality: Backstory:
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