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  1. Echolight

    Breath of the Wild BotW Manga?

    Many Zelda titles have been adapted into manga. Twilight Princess is still currently being created, the eighth vol coming out in March this year. But what if they decided to draw a BotW manga series? With the openness of the world, it could go several directions, which is either a good or bad...
  2. Echolight

    Can you be an animal lover and eat meat??

    This question has been plaguing my mind for weeks. You know I love animals (especially cats <3) I care about my cats and other animals, and I want to help with saving wildlife one day, such as donating to funds. Yet I do eat meat. Can I actually consider myself an animal lover if I do? I’ve been...
  3. C

    Satoru iwata and crows

    So i've been near satori mountain in botw, and i have noticed that there's a lot of crows. I know that a lot of things about the mountain have to do with satoru iwata, and i was wondering- Does iwata have any kind of relationship to crows or do crows symbolize something related to iwata? It...
  4. jadmo77

    Answer the Question with a Question

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