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nintendo switch

  1. stuartsimon

    A Link to the Past on Switch Online: Treasure Field Digging Game

    Hello! I've checked several other threads, both on Zelda Dungeon's forums and on others, about the money-sucking Treasure Field Digging Game in A Link to the Past as it is found on Nintendo Switch Online in North America. This is my first try at the game; I never got this far when I played Zelda...
  2. Jimmu

    Nintendo Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Announced

    Today Nintendo has announced an OLED model of the Nintendo Switch console with a 7-inch screen, wider adjustable stand, LAN port in the dock, and 64GB of internal storage (source), which will launch on October 8th. Official Trailer Below: Does this align with your expectations for the next...
  3. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Catherine/Catherine: Full Body

    If you're a fan of Persona or the Shin Megami Tensei games, then you're probably familiar with Catherine as that one quirky puzzle game about pushing blocks and talking to girls. Going just by the cover, that's the game at a glance. Little do you know that beneath the sexualized cover and weird...
  4. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Spoiler Waking up the Wind Fish

    As most of us Zelda fans know, waking up the Wind Fish is the ultimate goal of Link's Awakening. The Wind Fish itself is a godlike being slumbering atop a mountain on Koholint Island, apparently cursed to sleep by some sort of Nightmare creatures. The island itself only exists because the Wind...
  5. NOMED2111996

    Deku Scrubs in BoTW 2

    Do you guys think Nintendo should bring back Deku Scrubs? If so would you like them to be enemies or more of a civilized race like in Majora's Mask?
  6. Jimmu

    Nintendo How often do you play your Switch using the dock?

    For those of us who have a Nintendo Switch (non-lite) console: how often do you play in handheld mode and how often with the dock? I have found that I very rarely use the dock when playing mine. Probably only around five percent of the time I use the dock where as the rest I use when I am...
  7. GoronGainz

    Anyone excited for the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition?

    Absolutely love Xenoblade Chronicles!!! One of my favourite games of all time and the fact that it's gonna be not just ported but remastered onto switch makes me so excited to replay the world with an up to date lens. Anyone else looking forward to it? Any moments, areas, characters, cutscenes...
  8. SpiteChaotic

    Dragon Marked for Death

    I recently started to play this game and so far I am enjoying it. It is a 2D side scrolling Action Rpg made by Inti creates. I enjoy it since I do love smacking enemies and the bit of platforming. The fact I can slightly customize y character. By which I mean I can change one article on them to...
  9. Nicolai

    [SPOILERS] Super Mario Odyssey Challenge Thread

    Hi yall! If you're like me, you loved everything about SMO... except for it's lack of true difficulty. The good news is that SMO's good old-fashioned sandbox nature makes it incredibly fun to create challenges of your own! I've decided to make this an open thread for anyone to share and...
  10. Lozjam

    ZD: How Do You Use Your Switch?

    So, about 3 months ago, the Nintendo Switch released, which gave us plenty of time to play and test out the Switch. So, I was really curious as to how you guys are using your Switch. Do you guys ever play your Switch docked or undocked? Which do you play more, or do you completely ignore...
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