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  1. The Bread Pirate

    Breath of the Wild Is BotW the "spiritual successor" to Zelda 1?

    Is Breath of the Wild the "spiritual successor" to Zelda 1? I am not sure where I first heard BotW referred to in this way, but I believe it was around the time of E3 2016 when Eiji Aonuma was giving out interviews all over the place. But is this true? BotW and Zelda 1 have a lot of...
  2. The Bread Pirate

    Breath of the Wild vs. The Original Legend of Zelda (VIDEO)

  3. BaroisLoose

    Ganon in the first game - mindless beast or a cunning prince of darkness

    Hey everyone! This is related to the Timeline yet again. (I love lore as everyone might have noticed!) This is something I wanted to talk about for a while now and it's about this part from the Book Hyrule Historia! The Demon King Ganon (Hyrule Historia - page 106) "The Demon King has been...
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