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  1. GrooseIsLoose

    Breath of the Wild Do you feel lonely without companions?

    Link hasn't had the best companion in all games and yet in botw, when there was suddenly no companion, do you feel lonely when you play botw? Or were you ok with it? Did you miss Navi, Fi, Ezlo, Midna?
  2. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Should the series name change?

    Bear with me for a moment. I can already hear people typing N-O, but give me a moment. I'd like to draw attention to the Assassin's Creed games. For the first six eight or so entries in that series, the games centered on a specific style of character: a hooded edgerunner with a penchant for...
  3. Echolight

    Midna’s Lament RP Thread (Sign Ups)

    (Spoilers if you haven’t played Twilight Princess) Ok, @Twilight Shadows and I made this rp thread, enjoy <3 After Link defeating Ganon, and Midna closing the only way to the light world, she finally went back to her own realm, The Twilight. Before, she had fallen in love with Link, and maybe...
  4. P

    A few questions about Twilight Princess.

    When I try to transform into a wolf or to a human, this little girl who talks like she got water in her mouth tells me that I can't transform, saying stuff like "It would cause more of an uproar to transform into a human", "If you transform here, it would scare someone", "No, no, somebody will...
  5. P

    Tribute to Link - Don't Speak

    Hey guys, I created another LOZ video of my favorite character, Link. It's set to the song, Don't Speak. Hope you enjoy!
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